Facts about Cell Phones and Distractions While Driving

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, with cell phones and texting while driving on the top of the list. Cellphones are a major distraction, but here are other facts from Comedy Driving regarding distracted drivers and the dangers they pose on the road.

For over 12 years, a defensive driving Texas course, Comedy Driving, Inc., has taught about distracted drivers. They point out that distracted driving comes in many different forms and is not restricted to only cell phone use. There are many other variables both on and off the road that distract drivers, as well as distraction inside the car. Driving requires full focus on the road and attention to other drivers at all times.

Newer technology has made it safer to use certain devices in the car, but it is not being taken advantage of. For example, many manufacturers install controls on the steering wheel to help maintain a driver’s focus on the road. These options should be used whenever possible. For instance, in many new car models radio controls are on the steering wheel to help keep eyes on the road, so drivers should preset their preferred radio stations to avoid the habit of constantly taking their eyes of the road.

Furthermore, be sure not to listen to music too loudly. Loud music can obstruct hearing, which is very important while driving. Hearing alarms drivers if there is an emergency vehicle approaching and can assist in providing proper action when it is needed. Texas defensive drivers also have to keep in that it is the law to slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle on the road.

It is very common to go to a fast food restaurant and order the burger, fries and a drink and then proceed to eat it while continuing to drive. This is definitely not a safe action to do. Drivers should not eat while driving. Not only is your focus being taken away from driving, but it also prevents both of your hands from making contact with the steering wheel. Although it may seem strange, drinking beverages while driving also falls under the category of driving distractions.

Many drivers are under the impression that while at a complete stop, such as at a red light, it is safe to text and they are safe from getting into an accident. However, this is a common misconception. If a vehicle is at a complete stop on a green light, it is possible that they may be rear ended by another driver who was under the assumption that the stopped vehicle was going to move. Additionally, it is not always safe to shave or put on makeup while driving or on a complete stop.

Do not look at other drivers simply to catch their attention or because they are attractive. Not only is it rude and annoying, it also shifts attention from the main task. It is good practice to take your eyes off the road for a split second to check your side view mirrors or the rear view mirror, but one must always remember that it is very important to maintain focus on the road.

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