Costa Rica: Where Medical Tourism Means Youth and a Luxury Vacation

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Imagine an escape to tropical beaches, lush rain forests and golden sun... for free. The Anti Aging Institute of the Americas now provides legal HGH and hormone replacement therapy, enabling you to indulge the luxuries of Costa Rica while you enjoy restored youth and vigor.

Anti-aging is a new specialty that targets the wellbeing and overall health of middle-aged men and women

Imagine an escape to tropical beaches, lush rain forests and golden sun... to 1,000-thread count linens, gourmet cuisine and attentive service. Imagine an escape to beautiful, sunny Costa Rica. And now, thanks to legal and safe anti-aging HGH and hormone replacement therapy, you'll enjoy both the tropics and a new you.

The only thing that can make this vacation to paradise even more appealing is making it free – and bundling it with the energy and vitality of youth and better overall health.

Dreams come true in Costa Rica. Medical tourists to this small, Central American nation enjoy not only cutting-edge technology and top-notch medical care (at 40-50% less than it would cost in the U.S.), but with the money they save, they can treat themselves to a luxurious getaway to one of the world's most spectacular tropical nations.

But, the question is, how do they comfortably enjoy a luxury vacation and save money when they've just had a hip or knee replacement, a face lift or are recovering from ten dental implants? The answer lies in a new, rapidly expanding sector – anti-aging medicine, which has no treatment side effects and saves patients thousands of dollars by visiting Costa Rica, thereby enabling them to splash out on a free, luxury vacation.

What is Anti-Aging Medicine?
Many people are already aware that Costa Rica is famous for traditional medical tourism – plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and otherwise high-cost procedures, like knee and hip replacements. But anti-aging medicine is beginning to take the Costa Rican medical tourism industry by storm.

And the Anti-Aging Institute of the Americas is leading the charge.

Now, Legal HGH and Hormone Replacement Offered in Costa Rica
Founded by Dr. Leslie Mesen, a Costa Rican and U.S.-educated doctor, the Anti-Aging Institute offers a variety of treatments that not only turn back the clock visually, but actually restore the youth, energy and vitality enjoyed by the average twenty-something. Dr. Mesen explains, "Anti-aging is a new specialty that targets the wellbeing and overall health of middle-aged men and women. It's also an excellent option for seniors who really want to make their golden years shine. I always say that growing older is inevitable, but feeling old is a choice. At the Anti-Aging Institute, we empower our patients to choose youth. We walk them down the path to more active, more fulfilling lives, so they have the energy and stamina to enjoy the lifestyle they've worked hard to achieve.”

At the Anti-Aging Institute, the premise is simple: as people age, their hormone levels plummet. Hormone replacement (testosterone for men, estrogen for women) and human growth hormone, or HGH, restores these levels to what they were during the peak of youth, reaping huge rewards for patients' mental vitality, energy, physique and overall health. And unlike in the United States, where the FDA has declared HGH illegal for “off label” use, such as for anti-aging purposes, HGH and hormone replacement therapy are completely legal in Costa Rica, which recognizes their positive effects and peoples' right to medically approved treatments.

At the Anti-Aging Institute, all patients are welcomed with personalized medical care, attentive staff, and state-of-the-art technology. The initial consultation at the Anti-Aging Institute begins with a full medical workup, followed by an interview with Dr. Mesen to develop a personalized treatment to restore every patient's hormone levels to optimal levels.

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica
But, why Costa Rica? Because this nation consistently ranks as one of the world's top medical tourism destinations. To start:

  • Most medical care, from life-saving surgeries to elective cosmetic procedures, costs 40-75% less than it would in the U.S.
  • Costa Rica's healthcare system ranks 36th worldwide. That's one rank better than the United States. (World Health Report 2000:
  • Many Costa Rican doctors are bilingual and Europe or U.S.-educated.
  • Costa Rican medical facilities boast state-of-the-art technology comparable to that available only at specialist hospitals in the United States.
  • For Americans and Canadians, Costa Rica is close to home – just a few hours by plane and within an hour or two of their native time zone.

Costa Rica is a natural wonderland, home not only to un-crowded, tropical beaches and lush rain forests, but also to celestial blue waterfalls, epiphyte-laden cloud forests, and fiery volcanoes. It’s an indulgent getaway of boutique hotels, five-star spa resorts, and gourmet restaurants – an escape to private ocean-view terraces, spring-fed hot tubs, and concierge room service.

And, all of this is free, thanks to money saved on anti-aging treatments.

Cost-saving anti-aging treatments are just a short, non-stop flight from Miami and the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

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