All Hands Fire Equipment Now Supplying Safe and Effective Grip Hoist Tool to Fire Departments and Private Industry

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All Hands Fire Equipment is announcing the availability of the Grip Hoist Tool to First Responders and Private Industry.

Grip Hoist Tool
I’ve seen the Grip Hoist move and stabilize garbage trucks and large heavy machinery first hand during training exercises in New York City...

Across the United States, the demands on firefighters continue to increase. With so many responsibilities, firefighters are required to train and equip themselves for every challenge and situation that can be anticipated.

One unique tool that has been in use by the fire service in recent years is the Grip Hoist. The Grip Hoist is a hand operated mechanical hoist that can move, stabilize or lift extremely heavy loads. It uses thick heavy gauge wire, shackles, round slings, snatch block, etc., and needs to be secured to a fixed substantial object.

A common emergency use of the Grip Hoist has been during rescues involving large vehicles and heavy machinery. Because this device can handle such heavy loads, the ability to move, lift or stabilize large heavy objects increases the rescuers’ options during rescue operations.

“I’ve seen the Grip Hoist move and stabilize garbage trucks and large heavy machinery first hand during training exercises in New York City,” said Donald Colarusso, president of All Hands Fire Equipment and Firefighter for 22 years. “It is an extremely simple to operate, and very effective” he said.

The Grip Hoist is not just used in the fire and rescue fields. It can also be used in construction, civil engineering, public works departments, bridge work, iron works, elevator mechanics, oil refineries, electrical and utilities, chemical industries and more.

The Grip Hoist is available in three versions - the TU-17, TU-28 and the TU-32. Each unit has different strength and capability ratings, depending on the user’s need.

The TU-17 is the lightest of the three units, weighing only 23 lbs. This is an ideal tool for arborists, parks maintenance staff and workers responsible for clearing paths, taking down and moving trees, moving boulders and rocks, and related work. It is useful for work in remote locations, such as for erecting towers and can be easily placed in a backpack. The TU-17 uses 5/16” wire rope with a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs. and is rated for 2,000 lbs. lifting and 1,500 lbs. man rated.

The TU-28 is the fire rescue industry's top selling model. Considered by many to be the most versatile choice because it is strong but not heavy, weighing in at only 42 lbs. The TU-28 uses 7/16” wire rope with a breaking strength of 20,000 lbs. and is rated for 4,000 lbs. lifting and 3,000 lbs. man rated.

The TU-32 is the largest of the three units. This unit is super strong and can move incredibly heavy loads. The TU-32 uses 5/8” wire rope with a breaking strength of 40,000 lbs. and is rated for 8,000 lbs. lifting and 6,000 lbs. man rated.

The Grip Hoist is safe and easy to operate, the function of the unit is like the basic hand over hand principle, like a sailor pulling on a rope. Internally the Grip Hoist uses two jaw grips on each side that grips the cable and hauls it during the forward motion. For the reverse motion it clamps the cable. During both motions, the cable is not damaged. The wire rope is always being gripped, so the operator will not lose the load.

The Grip Hoist can operate in any direction, at any height of lift or length of pull. See for more information on the Grip Hoist and other first responder equipment and tools.

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