More Dogs Run Away on the 4th of July than on any Other Day of the Year

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Dallas’ Park Cities Pet Sitter, Inc. Provides Tips to Ensure Your Four-Legged Family Members Stay Safe this 4th of July Holiday

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Keep Your Pets Safe During the Fourth of July

"The 4th of July can be a very dangerous time for your four-legged family members, so it is important to take some precautions before the holiday arrives."

Many people associate the 4th of July with parades, fun in the swimming pool, aromatic feasts grilling on the outdoor barbecue, and of course, fireworks. But, the 4th of July can be a very dangerous time for your four-legged family members, so it is important to take some precautions before the holiday arrives. That way, you can ensure that the dog(s) in your family have a pleasant holiday weekend too. Park Cities Pet Sitter has compiled the following list of tips to keep your pets safe and happy during the upcoming 4th of July holiday:

1)    When it comes to firework shows, leave your dog(s) at home. Fireworks have sudden, bright and moving colors. They sound much different than thunderstorms, as they actually go off much closer to the ground, and have high-pitched squeals that most dogs are unaccustomed to hearing. The combination of these factors can be very frightening for a dog. Ensure that you will enjoy the entire fireworks show without having to calm an anxious dog by simply leaving your dog(s) at home for this one night.

2)    Tire your dog(s) out before the fireworks, and give them something fun to do while you are gone. Take your dog(s) on a long walk, take them swimming or engage them in a long game of fetch before you go to watch fireworks. That way they have expressed the majority of their pent-up energy, and are less likely to have anxiety that could lead to a break-out attempt. In addition, give them something fun to do while you are gone, like a frozen peanut-butter filled Kong to lick on, or a new stuffed toy to de-stuff.

3)    If you do leave your dog(s) at home, do not leave them outside if at all possible. A normally calm dog can turn into a “fence jumper” upon experiencing the strange sights and sounds of fireworks, so it is best to leave a dog indoors. To minimize the chances of any negative reactions to fireworks, lower the blinds in the home so that bright flashes of light cannot be seen. Play the radio or television to drown out some of the firework noises from outside; and have someone stay with your dog(s) if at all possible. If circumstances simply do not allow for the dog to be indoors, double check that all outdoor gates are latched in the area they will be staying, and that fence lines are secure. In addition, make sure both dogs and cats are wearing collars with their ID tags, and that the ID tag contact information is accurate. If your pet is micro-chipped, ensure that the micro-chip contact information is up-to-date.

4)    For particularly anxious dogs, create a soothing environment for them. If you know your dog has experienced anxiety in the past with thunderstorms or fireworks, take a few extra steps to ease their anxiety. In addition to playing a radio or TV for them to minimize firework noise, use dog-appeasing pheromone products like air diffusers and sprays to help calm then, or even outfit them with stress-relieving apparel, like a Thundershirt.

5)    Remember to dog-proof the backyard during your cookout. If you are having people over for a backyard celebration, please ask your guests to keep alcoholic beverages, glow sticks, fireworks, citronella, sunscreen, insect repellant sprays and lighter fluid out of reach of pets. If it is too difficult to police your guests against leaving these items out where dogs can access them, then cordon off a particular area where your dog can still interact with guests, but not be given access to these potentially dangerous or toxic items.

Following the above tips will help ensure that your four-legged family members are happy and safe for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, and many holidays to come.

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