Make Things Happen in 2013: New Video from The Binary Options Experts Urges Investors to Take Steps Towards Success Now

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Titled "How Serious Are You About This Life?”, the latest video from the trading consultancy's VP for Global Operations highlights one young trader's determination to meet his financial and life goals — and encourages viewers to evaluate their own journeys towards success.

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This life you have is the only one you're ever going to get. The good thing about that is that wherever you currently are, you created it — but if you dislike it, you have the ability to change it.

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The Binary Options Experts, a leading financial consultancy firm that focuses on binary options as effective tools for building wealth and securing one's financial future, recently posted a video called "How Serious Are You About This Life?" on its YouTube channel. Aside from teaching the fundamentals as well as the benefits of trading binary options to the trading members as well as any individual interested in adopting solid income-generating strategies, the firm also encourages people to cultivate the winning mindset and determination that are sure to lead anyone to the path to success — and the video presents the story of a remarkable individual who may be treading that very same path today.

Vice President of Global Operations for The Binary Options Experts, Duane Cunningham, begins the video by reminding viewers of a simple, undeniable truth. "This life you have is the only one you're ever going to get. The good thing about that is that wherever you currently are, you created it — but if you dislike it, you have the ability to change it."

One person who has taken this message to heart has reached out to the VP in a most admirable manner. Having issued a challenge in a previous webinar urging members of The Binary Options Experts' exclusive Platinum, Diamond and Emerald trading clubs to send applications to get him as an "accountability partner," Cunningham shares how one exceptional application caught his eye.

"The individual is a teenager who is part of our Platinum group," the VP announces. The teenager from a single parent home in Brooklyn, New York, Cunningham explains in the video, is an excellent example of a trader who is determined not only to make money through binary options trading, but to shape his life in the manner he envisions by identifying a number of concrete goals and laying out a realistic plan of achieving them within a given timeframe.

"I'm not one to make predictions, because I deal with probabilities. But I strongly predict that this person, regardless of what he attempts, will be successful."

Here are the steps that the young trader took which illustrate his dedication to transforming not only his financial security in the years to come but his overall approach to attitudes, health, relationships, and other important aspects of life as well:

1. Taking notes. Cunningham showed viewers portions of the young trader's email featuring lengthy notes of everything he had learned from The Binary Options Experts since becoming a Platinum club member. "What have you learned so far? Have you kept notes along the way? Notarizing is one of the ways to become successful because it changes the way you think. It's not high-tech at all, but it works," says the VP.

2. Creating a vision board with pictures of the goals he aims to achieve thus far. Having a visual reminder of the goals is an effective way to stay focused and determined. "He is sharing the most important things in his life, and that's what you do with an accountability partner," the VP explains. "They're there to hold you accountable and make sure you get the things you want in life and do the things you set out to do."

3. Making detailed financial plans for 2013. The trader mapped out a steady financial plan. He currently goes to school and sells tickets at the beach for $6 an hour on weekends. The plan is to earn money for college and to master the binary options trading strategy. He signed up for the firm's affiliate program and asked that all his referral commissions be put towards his Emerald club membership. After a few months of racking up affiliate commissions and trading at the lowest level (two trades a day at $50 per trade), the young trader calculates he can then reach his first goal of making $8,000 - $10,000.

The financial expert notes that what makes all the difference between people who are successful and those who aren't is how badly they want to succeed — whether they want it as badly as breathing and are willing to do whatever it takes.

The VP encourages viewers of the video to share their feedback and perform an assessment of their own journey to success. "After watching this video, go and do something now to change the way 2013 is going to look for you. I look forward to hearing your feedback on what this person has done and what you'll do to apply the lessons that you've learned."

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