Blockout Blinds Offers Options for Preserving Privacy Without Sacrificing Views with Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, and Plantation Shutters

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Blockout Blinds’ new video helps homeowners determine their best options for eliminating prying eyes into their property using a variety of window treatments — without giving up outside views.

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It’s actually in a screen material or a mesh material. What that means is that even when you have that blind down during the day, the light still comes through. It puts light into a room and creates a nice atmosphere.

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Blockout Blinds recently released its latest video offering homeowners multiple options when it comes to addressing their need for privacy and unobstructed access to outside views. The new video, hosted by Blockout Blinds owner Jason Graham, also reveals which type of window treatment is best for maximising natural light even though shades are drawn down.

“We may have windows that we don’t want prying eyes looking in,” Graham remarks and continues, “but we may still wanna be able to see outside so we can see what’s going on, enjoy the view, look at the garden — whatever it may be. We may also want light to be able to come in because during the day the last thing you want is the blinds down for your privacy, and it feels like you’re living in the cave because it’s so dark and you’ve got to turn the lights on.”

In Graham’s expert opinion, roller blinds provide the best option for maintaining privacy while still having access to views and maximising natural light. The 15-year veteran in the blinds business says of roller blinds, “It’s actually in a screen material or a mesh material. What that means is that even when you have that blind down during the day, the light still comes through. It puts light into a room and creates a nice atmosphere. While it’s doing that, you can still look (at the view) outside, which is fantastic.”

Graham also adds that when roller blinds are behind a glass window, it creates a mirror-like effect, preventing any person passing by from looking in. However, at night, Graham cautions property owners, it’s a different story.

“Now the only catch to this type of blind,” Graham begins to say, “and some people have not realised, is that when you have them down at nighttime, when you’re inside and there’s light and it’s dark outside, you can’t see out — but yes, you can see inside from outside, just as clearly as you could see outside during the day. So don’t get caught up with this thinking that the blinds are down and you’re safe from prying eyes. Because at nighttime, you’re not.”

Blockout Blinds does have a solution to this problem. Graham suggests, “Put a separate blind over the top that you might pull down for nighttime use to completely block the view.”

When it comes to the venetian blinds Melbourne residents are fond of, Graham recommends angling the slats upward or downward to prevent prying eyes from directly seeing inside the home or office. It’s a good way of keeping a degree of privacy while still allowing natural light during the day to come into the room.

“Plantation shutters are a little bit more flexible than venetian blinds because you can’t split the control of the louvres,” Graham says. He explains further that since the louvres of the bottom portion can be used independently from the top portion, property owners have the option to angle them at certain directions so that access to outside views are unobstructed and people from outside can't look in.

Out of all the window treatments, Graham still finds the roller screen blinds as the ideal option for maintaining privacy and outside views, and maximising natural light. Naturally, the choice for window treatments depends entirely on the preference and goals of the property owner. This is precisely why the Melbourne-based blinds business offers a wide range of choices for window treatments.

Blockout Blinds isn’t just the go-to place for buying a wide array of rollers blinds, venetian blinds, or plantation shutters online. The company also offers ziptrac and bistro café blinds, external and folding arm awnings, and retractable fly screens. Blockout Blinds is known for its five-way guarantee, which provides consumers with a 10-year product warranty, lifetime installation warranty, no hidden costs, on-time delivery, and clean installation service.

Graham assures consumers, “Every home is unique and every customer has their own needs and personal style. Every team member at Blockout Blinds is carefully selected so that they can offer great service, and respect for their customer’s needs and ideas … They will never sell you a product you don’t need, and that they don’t stand behind 100%. And most of all, the Blockout Blinds team are always friendly and smiling, and ready to help you find the best window furnishings for your home.”

To find out more about the different window treatments on offer, go to the Blockout Blinds website or get in touch and schedule a consultation today.

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