The Angry Ex from Motion Media Film LLC— A New High or a New Low in Reality TV?

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For people who are involved in high-conflict divorces, the producers of a new reality TV show might just have a solution. The premise of their show The Angry Ex is a cross between A&E's Intervention and War of the Roses, and it promises a lot of strong emotions as it looks at this phenomena of long term hostile aggressive divorced couples and the damage they do to their own lives and the lives of their family members.

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Some people never get over it.

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The production company Motion Media Film LLC is seeking participants for a pilot intervention-style reality TV show about high-conflict divorces and hostile aggressive parenting situations.

According to the New York Times, 'about half' of all marriages end in divorce. Divorce can happen to anyone. It’s always difficult, trying, complicated, fraught with emotion and frequently overwhelming. It’s hard for anyone going through it to avoid feelings of failure, embarrassment, doubt, shame, even betrayal and bitterness. Fear and resentment are common—one partner or the other or both feel victimized.

But time passes, and emotions subside. The grievances fade. Everyone moves on and life begins again. This is the way it works most of the time, especially if there are children involved. Ex-spouses let go of grievances and get over it, if for no other reason than for the sake of the kids.

Except for Some People
For some people the end is just the beginning—the beginning of years of hostility and retribution. They lie, intimidate, embarrass, criticize, bully, demand, inflict financial hardship, use the legal system to punish, deprive their ex-spouse of parental rights, and most of all, they never ever forgive. In many cases spouses who were controlling and abusive during the marriage actually become worse after the divorce. After the divorce, there is not even the pretense of a marriage to prevent the abuser from inflicting punishment.

Invariably, these types of personalities see themselves as victims, and use the behavior of the other to justify a continual onslaught of hostility and psychological damage.
Frequently they blame their ex-spouse for every single thing that is wrong in their lives.

"This is not Judge Judy, or Jerry Springer," says Executive Producer Peter McArdle. "It's definitely not the old show Divorce Court, either. We have no interest in a gratuitous look at other peoples' misery. However, The Angry Ex is an up-close and personal look into the lives of people who are destroying each other, their families, and especially their kids, by clinging to anger and feeding the fires of revenge."

"We are in their homes, meeting their relatives, talking to the people who know the facts. We are going to do the homework, and the background fact checking. The history of the relationship and the breakup is explored. Details of and reasons for hostilities are investigated. Participants are expected to explain their side of the story on camera. Accusations by each participant are freely encouraged so that there is full and complete disclosure. Statements and versions of events are verified to the best of the ability of the producers."

The show is hosted by some the best conflict mediators in the country and an intensive effort at conflict resolution is attempted. Proven solutions to conflicts are provided, but they require the desire to have peace. "The bottom line is, some people, given the choice to have peace, will choose to be 'right' instead, even at enormous cost to themselves and the people they love. But improved relationships and the end to damaging conflict is the desired outcome." McArdle said. "We revisit the participants later in the season to see if there is any improvement in the relationship.

The audience is left to draw its own conclusions about the outcomes.

People interested in participating should visit The Angry Ex on Facebook or The Angry Ex Website

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