Fuchs North America Introduces the Mediterranean Collection of Seasonings, Bases and Flavors

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Complimentary samples of 10 innovative items in Fuchs' mew Mediterranean Collection are being offered to food manufacturing and foodservice firms.

Our goal is to help food companies develop new taste sensations that they can call their own – offerings that are unique and stand out.

Fuchs North America, a leading maker of seasonings, flavor systems and taste solutions for the food manufacturing, retail and foodservice industries, introduces the Mediterranean Collection – a new line of distinctive seasonings, bases and flavors. The collection’s 10 unique and authentic items offer delicious new twists on time-honored culinary traditions from Morocco to Syria, and everywhere else in between.

Among the collection’s offerings are seasonings and blends for snacks, meats, sauce bases, beverage mixes and more. These items are also the starting point for food manufacturers and foodservice establishments to develop their own unique signature product offerings, with Fuchs’ culinary specialists at their side.

The New Collection

Our new Mediterranean Collection includes the following 10 seasoning blends:

  •     Algerian Style Acir Beverage Mix
  •     Egyptian Style Dukkah
  •     Lebanese Style Rice Pilaf Seasoning
  •     Marrakesh Style Grill Rub
  •     Moroccan Style Ras el Hanout Spice Blend
  •     Sicilian Style Tomato, Fennel and Olive Sauce Base
  •     Syrian Style Za’atar Spice Blend
  •     Tunisian Style Charmoula Seasoning
  •     Turkish Style Kӧfte Seasoning
  •     Zeus’ Own Tzatziki Snack Seasoning

In introducing the collection, Ken Wuestenfeld, Fuchs’s vice president of sales and technical services, explained the strategy behind the collection. “Foods and flavors inspired by the Mediterranean region have become a mainstay in the American diet,” he observes.

“Everyone is familiar with Italian and Greek food, but not many are familiar with cuisines from other countries in the Mediterranean region. Our new collection highlights the diversity of the Mediterranean region, while offering new takes on classic dishes and flavors. With the American taste palette rapidly expanding due to more adventurous eaters, the demand for new and exciting flavors is increasing,” Wuestenfeld adds.

Fuchs helps food companies make sense of the trends and tap into where the culinary energy is strongest. In this spirit, each of the items that make up Fuchs’ Mediterranean Collection has its own distinctive qualities, yet all of them draw on the authentic characteristics of the diverse Mediterranean culinary traditions.

Satisfying Snack Seasonings

Elizabeth Lindemer, CEC, Fuchs’ corporate executive chef, worked to develop blends that meet consumers’ high expectations of authenticity. “For our Zeus’ Own Tzatziki Snack Seasoning, we’ve taken inspiration from the traditional Greek sauce, comprised of creamy yogurt, aromatic garlic, cool cucumber and fragrant dill, and translated it into a snack seasoning that adds a vibrant flavor to pita chips, potato chips, popcorn and more,” Lindemer describes.

Our Moroccan Style Ras el Hanout Spice Blend is also exceptionally versatile and offers a vibrant twist on a traditional favorite. “In Arabic, Ras el Hanout translates to ‘head of shop,’ which refers to an intermingling of the finest spices – those worthy of the top shelf – that a shop would have to offer. We’ve taken this flavorful and distinct blend of sweet and savory spices one step further by making it organic certifiable,” Lindemer explains.

Seasonings and Rubs for Proteins

Several items in the Mediterranean Collection were designed specifically to add some pizzazz to protein. For burgers and meatballs, our Turkish Style Kӧfte Seasoning, which is Non-GMO Project compliant, hits both sweet and savory notes, using sweet-scented herbs and alluring spices.

Another versatile offering, the collection’s Marrakesh Style Grill Rub is perfect for grilled or roasted meat, but can be used as the finishing touch for sides and vegetables. “We’ve designed this rub to represent the dynamic blend of flavors from around the Mediterranean, such as fragrant spices, aromatic garlic and onion, bright citrus and a touch of honey,” Lindemer notes.

Tunisian Style Charmoula Seasoning is inspired by Tunisia’s coastal shore and integral use of seafood. According to Lindemer, this flavorful seasoning makes a delightful marinade and sauce for seafood with its perfect balance of aromatic spices, savory garlic, refreshing herbs and touch of lemon.

Sauce Bases & Condiments

For sauce bases and condiments, the Mediterranean Collection includes three special offerings. Sicilian Style Tomato, Fennel and Olive Sauce Base is packed with the flavor of robust red tomatoes, aromatic fennel and the vibrancy of olives.

Egyptian Style Dukkah is bursting with fragrant spices and sunflower seeds. “Simply mix this into a bit of olive oil to use as a dip for pitas or toasty bread, or have fun using it as a crusting for chicken and fish or sprinkling over a salad,” Lindemer suggests.

Syrian Style Za’atar Spice Blend is a traditional blend of dried herbs and spices, popular throughout the Middle East and the Northern African countries that border the Mediterranean. “Our blend, which consists of aromatic herbs, rich sesame and vibrant sumac, will easily become a mainstay on your table,” she notes.

Sensational Side Dish

Pulling inspiration from the cultural influences in Lebanon, Lebanese Style Rice Pilaf Seasoning honors the diverse culinary traditions of the Mediterranean. This offering is a complex and tempting blend that includes an array of sweet and savory spices, aromatic herbs, roasted garlic and onions and a hint of vibrant lemon. “This seasoning will be a hit in any of your favorite side dishes!” Lindemer enthuses.

Refreshing Beverage

The Mediterranean Collection wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing beverage. In this case it’s Algerian Style Acir Beverage Mix, a lightly sweetened citrus beverage mix. “You’ll find this refreshing blend to be perfect for a hot day. Simply blend with water, garnish with a twist of sliced orange, sit back and enjoy!” Lindemer explains.

Custom Solutions, Too

According to Ken Wuestenfeld, vice president of sales and technical services, the strategy behind all of Fuchs’ offerings like the Mediterranean Collection is to help food manufacturers and foodservice establishments create irresistible new items that build on culinary traditions, but that are also unique.

As Wuestenfeld explained, the development process is a combination of science and art. “We stay on top of consumer taste trends. Our goal is to help food companies develop new taste sensations that they can call their own – offerings that are unique and stand out.”

With each customer, Fuchs North America goes from conception to manufacturing to delivery of an approved flavor as quickly as possible. “We have a wide range of flavor bases at the ready, and, as a result, we can provide samples for immediate testing. Then we customize and refine the flavor to attain exactly the taste characteristics our customer is seeking,” Wuestenfeld reports.

Doing so means that taking a food or flavor idea from concept to delivery can often be accomplished in a matter of weeks or even less time. “Especially when under tight product development timeframes, being able to support customers with that kind of rapid schedule is a huge benefit,” Wuestenfeld emphasized.

Complimentary Samples Available

For a limited time, Fuchs North America is offering complimentary samples of the items in its new Mediterranean Collection. To request samples, contact Rebekah Wicke toll-free at 800-365-3229. You may also e-mail your request to rwicke(at)fuchsna(dot)com or visit http://www.fuchsna.com/Med.

About Fuchs North America

Fuchs North America is a leading producer and supplier of value-added seasonings, spices and flavor systems to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries. With a heritage that extends back more than 75 years, the company specializes in the development of full flavor systems, custom flavor profiles and seasoning products – including supporting some of the world’s largest and best-recognized food brands.

Fuchs North America’s seasoning specialists are experts in anticipating and identifying consumer trends – and converting them into successful flavor profiles. They work closely with food technologists and product development personnel at client companies to design distinctive, differentiated flavor systems. Fuchs products are made in a precision processing environment that ensures consistent, repeatable quality, order to order.

Since 1990, Fuchs North America has been part of the worldwide Fuchs Group, the largest privately-held spice and seasoning company in the industry. The Fuchs Group serves food manufacturing, foodservice and retail segments, backed by secure, quality sourcing plus state-of-the-art production facilities on four continents.

Website address: http://www.fuchsna.com.

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