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Managing Editor Tim Young and Absolute Rights have released their latest Newsletter.

The most recent Absolute Rights Newsletter has been sent to readers across the globe, informing them of the newest topics hitting the political arena. Curated by Managing Editor Tim Young, the Newsletter features articles from contributing writers focusing on the news and opinions that affect the US and beyond.

The first article in the Newsletter was written by contributor Brent Dickerson, and specifies his perspective on the end result of sequestration. In his opinion, “We woke up on March 1 and things were basically as they were on February 28.”

That being said, the article shares a report stating that federal agencies are still posting job availability. “With all the talk about janitors, teachers, air traffic controllers, food inspectors, firefighters, and so many more losing their livelihoods over the $44 Billion cut from the $3.5 Trillion (1.3%) budget, Barack Hussein Obama has decided that the sky will fall even if the sky isn’t falling,” wrote Dickerson.

The following article comes from a special guest contributor for Absolute Rights. Lisa Stickan, Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, shared her feelings on the youth vote in America. Stickan’s unique perspective at the forefront of the next generation of the GOP provides the Absolute Rights audience with engaging content and a motivational message.

“The “youth vote” does, in fact, matter,” Stickan wrote. “It’s high time the GOP take notice and compete for these voters… I remain optimistic that the GOP can make inroads with these voters for elections to come.”

Kevin Jackson, who operates, contributed the next Newsletter article, which originally appeared on his site. Jackson is an Amazon bestselling author, a syndicated radio show host, and an award-winning blogger. His latest article covers civil rights and what he calls the “black city blight.”

“The idea of white people moving into blighted, formerly predominantly black neighborhoods, and buying up the place to turn them into livable neighborhoods would appear to be a good thing,” wrote Jackson. The article likens black sections of towns to Indian Reservations, stating that “Liberals shift the problem around in an elaborate shell game. They keep creating more and more disgruntled black refugees who keep moving the reservations.”

Finally, the last remaining article in the Absolute Rights Newsletter was contributed by Grady Kerr, and focuses on his opinion of tipping waiters and other service industry workers.

“As the economy goes, so goes tips. Today servers and restaurant staffs are really hurting and tips make a big difference,” Kerr wrote.

According to the article, tips should be earned are not considered a right. Bad service deserves to be stiffed, Kerr said, and he feels little remorse for regularly slighting servers.

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