Offers Tips for Selecting the Highest Quality Acai Berry and Cautions Consumers to Avoid Free Offers

Share Article is a leading international web based retailer of organic acai berry products specializing in certified organic freeze dried acai supplements. The company serves customers worldwide and exclusively offers the certified organic product called Perfect Acai. Details are available on the company website

Acai Berry from Brazilian Rainforest

In order to reap the benefits that acai offers it makes sense to buy only the purest and most potent acai berry you can find.

In the often hyperbolic world of acai berry products, offers health conscious consumers accurate news and information about authentic organic pure acai products as well as product recommendations.

The preferred acai supplement that the company recommends is an organic freeze dried supplement. The product is called Perfect Acai and according to company spokesman Charlie Flynn it is an excellent value and is the finest quality product they have found. Flynn says "In order to reap the benefits that acai offers it makes sense to buy only the purest and most potent acai berry you can find." Flynn reminds consumers that, "Unfortunately many acai berry companies do not disclose how much acai is in their product. Consumers should be sure to read labels before buying, so they know what they are actually buying."

Perfect Acai is the company's favorite choice because the company believes this product is not only of the highest quality available but it is also an extremely attractive value. Each Perfect Acai capsule contains 500 mg of pure freeze dried acai berry powder with no additives or additional ingredients. Additionally, Perfect Acai uses only Sambazon certified organic freeze dried acai berry powder in their supplements. Sambazon is a leading supplier of high quality certified organic freeze dried acai berry. Many acai companies do not disclose the amount of acai contained in their products nor do they disclose the source of the acai. Some of these other acai products on the market also contain many other ingredients in addition to acai. Consumers concerned about acai berry side effects should read ingredients labels to insure they are buying only pure acai which should contain nothing more than freeze-dried acai fruit.

The pricing of Perfect Acai is also much better than that of comparable products, as well as products of lesser quality. Each bottle of Perfect Acai contains 120 capsules with each capsule containing 500 mg of certified organic acai powder which is authentic and pure. Many products priced the same but often higher contain only 30 to 60 capsules per bottle. explains the various forms of acai berries that are available outside of the fruit's native Brazil and discusses the positives and negatives of each one. Freeze dried acai powder is the company's first choice. Company spokesperson Charlie Flynn says "We prefer products made from certified organic freeze dried acai berry and we avoid acai juice products and acai extracts." Flynn adds that "we believe that using freeze dried acai is the way to capture the full nutritional potency of the fruit." Since pure acai berries lose their potency soon after being picked from the acai palm tree, the pulp and skin from the berries must be frozen or freeze dried quickly, in order for the berries to maintain their nutritional potency. The seed or pit makes up about 90% of the fruit. The pit or seed may be listed on product labels by its more technical name which is 'endocarp.' But, the pit is generally is not used in food products. However, the company warns that some companies offer juice products that contain ground up pit, and they advise consumers to avoid products that use the pit. warns consumers to avoid free offers for acai berry and free offers for most other products too because most free offer promotions are marketing schemes in which recipients of the free samples are put on monthly auto-shipment programs that can be extremely difficult to cancel. These free offer schemes often bury the disclosure about the auto shipment programs behind links titled 'Terms' or 'Terms and Conditions' which many people don't read. So for many of the victims of auto-ship schemes there was effectively no appropriate disclosure, since the details about the monthly shipments were hidden behind links. The company advises consumers to simply avoid websites promoting free offers altogether. They also advise consumers to read product labels in order to make sure they are getting the best product available at a fair price. Flynn says "organic acai berry is an excellent source of nutrition but consumers should understand that they are getting little more than aggravation when something is advertised as free."

To get information about certified organic acai berry or to order Perfect Acai visit the company website.

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