ACSA Announces Free Membership for Citizens of Iran

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ACSA's newly announced Iranian citizen membership program will allow Iranian citizens to join the American Computer Science Association Inc. by internet access, where they can learn more about personal computing and the internet, share discussions with North American, South American, Far Eastern and European "web pals" and work towards gaining free self expression and freedom for their homeland. Though led by a government deeply embroiled in the Iraqi and Afghanistan conflicts, citizens of Iran have shown remarkable courage in reaching out to the rest of the world. ACSA is reaching back.

The American Computer Science Association Inc. announced that effective immediately it would be accepting membership applications from citizens of Iran "interested in computer science and freedom". The Membership Services unit at ACSA indicated that the current membership of ACSA had voted unanimously to extend membership to all Iranian civilians at no charge.

FOR THE PRESS: The full text of this Announcement with Political Commentary by Dr. Edward Englebart, globally renowned international affairs expert, a foremost authority on Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, Hamas and Hezbola, may be obtained by clicking this Full Text of Press Release link. In the Full Text, Dr. Englebart gives a very faithful and full rendering of the subtrefuge being implemented by the Iranian government, identifying the component parts and relationships. Follow up is available to the Press identifying channels and participants in the events described. Among them are relationships between Pakistan and Iran, the Oil Industry and both, the role of the Oil Industry Ownership, as well as Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the US.

FOR THE PUBLIC: Membership for Iranians in ACSA will include all present member services and benefits, as well as a free ACSA email address, and recognition for attendance at ACSA's online university of the web, Computer Uâ„¢.

ACSA indicated it would be opening up a participatory blog called ACSA (Iran) for Iranian civilians to participate in a communications blog online that couldn't be blocked by the Iranian government headed by Ayatolla Ali Khamenei and President Ahmedinijad. Jane Scheinlicht, webmaster for the ACSA added: "We expect the site to be boycotted by Tehran, but sufficient proxy channels exist that blocking it altogether won't work, furthermore, we'll respond to any attacks from Iran's government on our sites in a legal manner. We may be about Freedom and Tolerance, but we're intolerant of any Foreign Government who tries to interfere with us."

For more information about this announcement, in full text, please go here: .

To visit the ACSA Iran Blog (Weblog), please go here: .

The American Computer Science Association Inc. is a membership-oriented charitable research foundation headquartered in Los Alamos, New Mexico USA. With in excess of 9 million members in North America alone, ACSA is one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world. For more information about ACSA, please visit .

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