Online Dating Website Survey Connects Sugar Daddy Tendencies back to Cavemen Times

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Humans are the only species that is confused about the mating game. In a new survey created by, online daters discuss how much their attitudes towards seeking a mate are strongly influenced by the same factors that have influenced mating choices throughout evolutionary history.

Women that have chosen men with good genes had stronger and more prosperous offspring and many more of their children survived. Those children were carrying their picky mother’s genes and this is why those picky female, the world’s largest online dating website for well-off gentlemen (sugar daddies) seeking attractive young females (sugar babies), has traced the most fundamental dating tendencies of online daters today back to the creation of humans. In a new survey, sugar babies were asked to list the top qualities of what they are looking for in sugar daddies. The results show a strong connection between their attitudes towards seeking a mate and mankind’s basic evolutionary history and biological needs.

One Sugar Baby, 37 year old LC from Las Vegas, NV says, “What I'm looking for: A successful, powerful, and confident man. I want a guy who treats me special, takes the lead, buys me gifts and indulges me but does not try to buy me off. A man who knows himself and what he wants.

“Humans are the only species that is confused about the mating game.” say the authors of Why Men Want Sex and Women Want Love. For generations, women were paying too high a price for making a wrong relationship choice. Women that chose men with bad genes had weaker and/or less intelligent, less successful, less prosperous offspring and their children struggled to survive. Women that have chosen men with good genes had stronger and/or more intelligent, more successful, more prosperous offspring and many more of their children survived. Those children were carrying their picky mother’s genes and this is why those picky female genes were passed on to us today.

From a random survey sampling of active sugar baby profile accounts, came up with the following tips sugar babies mentioned they were looking for in this day and age regarding their sugar daddy relationship expectations:

  • A mature sugar daddy to provide for them
  • Spoiling and pampering, the Princess treatment
  • A sugar daddy who buys them gifts, but does not try to buy them off
  • Financial stability and security…freedom from financial worries
  • Career help, mentoring , the benefits of the wisdom, experience and guidance from their sugar daddy
  • The opportunity to travel to places they could not afford to on their own with their sugar daddy
  • Help with education choices and tuition costs
  • Help with bills and expenses for single mother sugar babies
  • Having the costs of rent or loan payments for their residence provided for by their sugar daddy

One sugar baby, 27-year-old CG from Atlanta, Ga., says, “I’m looking for a caring, honest, generous and wealthy man to first and foremost give my time and companionship to and spend quality time with. I'm looking for a friend and lover. I enjoy the finer things in life and my sugar daddy should be able and willing to give them to me.”

During the eras of cavemen and cavewomen and of all early humans there was no recorded history, no legal marriage and no money or financial system in those early times. But clearly the cavemen with the driest, largest and safest caves and the cavemen who were the best hunters, providing the most food and protection for their family or clan, would have been the males who were able to attract and win the most desirable cavewomen, whatever the standards of desirability were back then for cavewomen.

Indeed, the idea of romantic love, as a motivating force for marriage, only goes as far back as a few hundred years ago, beginning during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance which followed. For almost all of the tens of thousands of years of human history until just a few hundred years ago, couples were initially brought together for the mutual benefits they could bring to each other and to their families, not because they first fell in love. In time, of course, many marriage partners came to feel deep mutual and even passionate love and devotion. And many sugar daddy relationships also result in the partners gradually, or often very quickly, falling deeply in love, according to the many reports received by from their millions of members over the 8 years that their innovative dating site has been in operation.

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