A Good Credit Report Is Something To Be Thankful For

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Credit monitoring services company urges consumers to reap the benefits to be gained by ensuring the accuracy of the information in their credit report

As Thanksgiving approaches, NationalCreditReport.com, a leader in credit report, credit score and credit monitoring services reminds consumers that a good credit score on their credit report is something to be thankful for because it can effect so many areas of their life. NationalCreditReport.com advises them that ensuring the accuracy of the information in their credit report is essential for financial wellbeing and that numerous benefits can be enjoyed as a result of having a good credit score.

“It goes without saying that having a good credit score can really benefit the consumer, but many don’t realize how this important score and the information in their credit report effects more than just their finances,” said Samuel S. Ambrose, Vice President of Marketing and Operations for NationalCreditReport.com. “For instance, if a landlord’s credit report check returns a lower score than they’d like to see, the consumer might miss out on being leased a property. Many people don’t know that.”

How can a good credit score and report benefit the consumer?

  • Lower interest rates - Potential creditors and lenders use this important value to determine if they will offer a loan or credit and it also has a great impact on interest rates. Upon application the financial institution will check the credit report to view the consumer’s credit history. A lower interest rate can result in considerable savings over the life of a loan.
  • Rental properties approval - A landlord conducts a credit report check to establish whether the applicant will be able to pay rent on time. An individual that does not have a good credit score may be viewed as too risky.
  • Better insurance policies - Like financial institutions, insurance companies can check one’s credit report to determine insurance risk. For instance, financial history is important to an insurance company considering a person for a life insurance policy.
  • Employment opportunities - While potential employers don’t look at a person’s credit score when making a hiring decision, they look at the information in a consumer’s credit report to get an idea of how they manage their finances. A person who shows financial responsibility might be an indication that they’ll be a reliable employee. An employer can check a credit report as long as they comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the employee gives permission.
  • You may receive funding to start a business - Although you’ll be applying for a business loan, a good credit score may be a reflection of how you might handle business finances.

According to Ambrose, there are several things that consumers can do to ensure the accuracy of the information in their credit report such as reviewing them three to four times a year and enrolling in a credit monitoring service with e-mail alerts to inform them if any critical changes have occurred on their report.

At the company’s website, http://www.nationalcreditreport.com, consumers can sign-up for a free credit score which includes one credit report and a free, seven-day trial of its Triple Safeguard Credit Monitoring™ service. The company also offers consumers the opportunity to purchase their credit report and score for one low price with “no strings attached.” Interested customers can visit http://www.nationalcreditreport.com/nostringsoffer to buy their credit report and score without being enrolled in a credit monitoring service.

About NationalCreditReport.com
Since 2004, NationalCreditReport.com has specialized in providing credit information and credit monitoring services to consumers to help them understand their credit report and score. NationalCreditReport.com encourages consumers to check their credit report on a regular basis.

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