Arctic Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning Warns of EPA Ramp Up on R22 Freon Phase Out

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EPA is now putting pressure on homeowners to repair or replace their AC units.

According to a major heating and air conditioning publication, the EPA is expected to reduce this year’s production of new R22 Freon by 16 million pounds to just 39 million. That is about 30 percent less this year than last, and would make 71 million pounds cut since 2010. However, this expected reduction could change as the EPA has not finalized its long pending 2012-2014 Allocation Adjustment Rule. Some suspect the EPA may even cut an additional 6.5 million pounds off the 2013 allocation.

What does this mean for homeowners? There are still many homes that have R22 Air Conditioning Systems. Homeowners need to be aware that R22 Refrigerant also known as Freon, is getting scarce, which drives the price up. Due to scarce supplies and the unknown EPA ruling of this year’s allotment, suppliers of R22 Freon are restricting the quantities that air conditioning dealers may purchase daily and weekly.

Homeowners are going to have to make tough choices. A homeowner with a R22 Air Conditioning System that needs Freon is going to have to decide whether to invest their money in the skyrocketing price to add R22 Freon to their system, or to invest the money towards replacing the system with a new higher efficient condenser and evaporator coil that uses the new R410A Freon. This will save them 30 to 60 percent on their electric bill; the utility savings also helps pay for the system.

The homeowner may also qualify for a Federal Tax Credit up to $500, a Utility Credit up to $700 and a Manufacturer Rebate. In today’s market, a new Air Conditioning and Heating System could very well be the best investment a homeowner can make. It is an investment that saves money and provides comfort. An Air Conditioning System typically lasts 10-15 years.

Arctic Comfort advises, if an air conditioning unit is in the 10-15 year age range, the compressor has failed, components are frequently replaced or needing to add costly Freon, then it’s probably time to replace the air conditioning system. Get as much information as possible on the available options and make the best choice for the budget.

Arctic Comfort recommends when replacing an air conditioning system to replace with as high efficiency system as the budget will allow. The higher the efficiency, the more the utility savings; that means more money in the homeowners pocket, not the utility companies. Anytime an Air Conditioner needs service, repair, or customers are ready to replace their system, call Arctic Comfort at 972-530-8384.

About the company:

Since 1990, Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating has provided dependable air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, heating repair, service, equipment, and quality products to Garland and surrounding Dallas area home owners. Whether customers need new air conditioning and heating equipment or repair of existing heating and air conditioning systems, Arctic Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating meets the highest performance standards in the business, from employee training, to customer care. They are fully qualified to repair or service existing air conditioning and heating systems, as well as to help select a new comfort system that best fits their customer’s home and needs. They are a family owned and operated company, that believes in caring, reliable service. Customers will have the same tech in their home every time they call to have a repair or service done.

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