Dr. Sam Speron & Chicago Center for Anti-Aging Are Proud to Announce the Launch of a Natural Seasonal Discomfort Supplement!

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The Chicago Center for Anti-Aging is now offering a physician-strength quality supplement, Natural Seasonal Discomfort Supplement, that has been specifically designed for seasonal discomfort and help alleviate allergy symptoms.

Allergies affect so many people each and every year!

Dr Sam Speron & the Chicago Center for Anti-Aging are proud to announce the launch of our all Natural Seasonal Discomfort supplement!

The Chicago Center for Anti-Aging is now offering this physician-strength quality supplement that has been specifically designed for seasonal discomfort and help alleviate allergy symptoms.

The Chicago Center for Anti-Aging has partnered up with one of the most reputable manufacturers and is now offering an herbal supplement that was specifically designed to help you deaql with allergy season - Natural Seasonal Discomfort Supplement. The Natural Seasonal Discomfort Herbal Supplement consists of the highest quality ingredients which help support healthy body immune response and minimze or prevent allergies. This simple supplement helps with prevention as well as support so it is great to take for patients of all ages who want to maintain their allergies.

Ingredients that can be found within the Natural Seasonal Discomfort supplement are:

Natural D-Hist is a synergistic formula having mast cell stabilizing activity combined with agents that inhibit the mediation of allergies. Natural D-Hist can be used for seasonal support.

Among the flavonoids, quercetin is one of the most biologically active. It is widely distributed in plants including Oak trees (Quercus spp.), onions (Allium cepa) and tea (Camellia sinensis).

  • Quercetin inhibits histamine release from antigen-induced (IgE-induced) mast cells and basophils1,2 –related to its ability to block Calcium influx by inhibiting calmodulin activity3.
  • Quercetin has in vitro mast cell stabilizing activity greater than sodium cromolyn4 (synthetic pharmaceutical mast cell stabilizer).
  • Quercetin inhibits lipoxygenase (LOX), platelet aggregation, and mast cell and basophil degranulation. Quercetin is amast cell stabilizer, keeping histamine and other preformed mediators from being released5.

Stinging Nettles:

  • Randomized, Double-Blind Study with Placebo: 98 allergy sufferers given placebo or Stinging Nettles- Urtica dioica was rated higher than placebo by patients6.
  • Positive Commission E monograph for use as supportive therapy for rheumatic ailments.
  • Potential Mechanisms include:

1. Inhibition of inflammatory enzymes 5-lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase7.
2. Inhibition of the pro-inflammatory transcription factor NF-kappaB8.

Bromelain is the term used to describe a group of enzymes derived from the stem and fruit of the pineapple plant (Ananascomosus). As a plant enzyme, bromelain has many advantages and uses as a supplement ingredient. Bromelain is considered an anti-inflammatory agent due to its ability to inhibit arachidonic acid formation by Phospholipase A9. An activity related to its enzymatic degradation of the proinflammatory bradykinin molecule10. Bromelain is believed to increase absorption of other molecules11- including bioflavonoids like quercetin12.

N- Acetyl Cysteine (NAC):
NAC is used primarily as a precursor to the important antioxidant glutathione13; and is also a mucolytic agent- able to breakdown the viscosity of mucus within the lungs- a common cause of allergy related asthma.

“Allergies affect so many people each and every year” says Dr. Sam Speron, Chicago plastic surgeon and consumer advocate. “Practicing healthy habits such as not smoking and avoiding sun exposure will help people be healthy but will not help them have less allergies. Good physician-strength quality herbal supplements are a great way to ensure that a patient is receiving adequate ingredients for optimal seasonal discomfort relief with allergies.”

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