Are X.Labs' Electric Bullets the New Face of Law Enforcement Reform?

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Anchored on the Blockchain, ShoX is a breakthrough in less-than-lethal ballistic products for law enforcement, military and anti-terrorism operations

A ShoX bullet discharges an electrical shock upon impact and disrupts the nervous system, operating at 260 pulses per second over a 30 second period at a pulse duration of 100 microseconds.

Welcome to 2020’s detour into dystopia. The protests that began in May in response to George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis Police Officers at times descended into pandemonium, chaos, rioting and looting: Dozens dead. Tens of thousands arrested. Tens of millions protesting in the streets. Billions of dollars in property damage. Hundreds of law enforcement personnel were injured.

To effectively meet this evolving and dangerous threat environment, tactics and tools must adapt as well. For residents, it’s simpler—flee. “Riots...are driving another exodus from big cities,” headlined the Wall Street Journal. Law enforcement adaptation, however, must involve new tools that allow officers more options for safer deescalation.

ShoX, a human electro muscular incapacitation (HEMI) projectile from the pioneering public safety company x.labs, aims to bridge the gap between less lethal tools such as nightsticks, tasers or bean bags and lethal weaponry. Current less lethal solutions generally require close proximity to a suspect or assailant, and often prove ineffective at complete temporary incapacitation, compromising law enforcement’s ability to control a violent situation without escalation to lethal force.

ShoX offers a superior range of up to 100 feet, can incapacitate a target for a minimum of thirty seconds, can penetrate light materials and attach to the human body with a dual barbed probe system. Unlike a taser, ShoX is a non-tethered electro-shock round capable of being fired from conventional less lethal weapons including Pepperball launchers.

“The goal was to develop a less lethal projectile useful not just for civilian law enforcement, but also the private security industry and the Federal Government,” said Todd Dunphy, COO of x.labs. “In particular, we see great compatibility for ShoX with the Department of Homeland Security, which includes the Secret Service and Customs and Border Protection, the Department of State and the Department of Justice,” Dunphy continued.

When fired, ShoX operates at 260 pulses per second over a 30 second period at a pulse duration of 100 microseconds to deliver an average current of 5 milliamps. Put in perspective, a University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign study indicates that at 20 milliamps, breathing becomes labored. At 100 milliamps, ventricular fibrillation of the heart—an uncoordinated twitching of the walls of the heart's ventricle—occurs.

A ShoX bullet discharges an electrical shock upon impact and disrupts the nervous system. The chemically generated charge is delivered via a composite projectile fired from existing less lethal weapons. No external source of power is needed to charge or keep the projectiles charged. Electrical charges are continuously generated once the bullet makes contact with the target for up to thirty seconds.

Integrating the blockchain for security, accuracy and accountability, ShoX offers robust data validation and traceability by utilizing smart contracts and distributed ledger technology. Unique identifiers for rounds are anchored to the blockchain, which provides the ability to track data including the complete manufacturing history of each projectile, transport details, age and distribution details. Thus, each Shox round possesses a unique end-to-end chain of custody profile: simple, safe, secure and immutable.

About X.Labs
X.Labs is the leader in next-generation public safety threat detection and digital healthcare technologies and is a company dedicated to the development of cutting edge, high-speed checkpoint systems that detect emerging threats to civilians, buildings and law enforcement. The company’s patented thermography products are uniquely capable of detecting elevated temperature with their industry leading, mobile based fever detection product feevr. The company’s revolutionary PreCheck app combines an individual’s temperature reading, viral testing and other health and safety data that helps keep buildings safer and businesses in compliance. Their patented millimeter wave detection technology X1, and XLe for Law Enforcement, detects concealed threats including weapons and explosive devices combined with advanced facial recognition and gunshot detection capabilities. X.Labs customers include Fortune 100 companies, entertainment venues, schools, international airports, airlines, stadiums, corporations, hospitals, large-scale events and national landmarks around the globe. Visit for more information.

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