Athas Capital Group, Inc, a National Lender, Provides 100% Transparency and Invaluable Tools for the Mortgage Broker Community to Help Vet Who Truly is a Lender

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With so many pretend lenders in this chaotic residential and commercial lending environment many are faced with the daunting task of trying to validate claims and figure out who truly is a direct lender. Not only does Athas Capital Group and Rama Capital Partners, ACG's mortgage fund, provide 100% transparency to validate their claims as a direct lender but additionally offers a great tool for brokers and borrowers to help authenticate the reality of the claims from others.

"‘Are you a direct lender?’ This is an intrinsically important question that is asked, and rightfully so in this climate, and my answer is always yes."

Athas Capital Group, Inc.(“ACG”) and its mortgage fund, Rama Capital Partners(“RCP”), take the necessary steps and offer a detailed guide to help the Mortgage broker community help vet the reality as to if the lender they are engaging with is in fact a real lender capable of funding. In this fractured lending market many individuals and firms are doing what they can to gain a competitive advantage as they scramble to place loans. Unfortunately what has transpired is that many individuals and firms purport to be lenders when in fact they are merely mortgage brokers. Additionally, many firms that appear to be legitimate lenders are collecting up-front and non-refundable fees with little intention, or even the capacity, to actually follow through with loan fundings.

As these unscrupulous firms and individuals invade the market it has become a very confusing and troublesome time for both mortgage brokers and borrowers who are seeking a bona fide and valid solution without a multiple chain of pretend lenders or the possibility that the “lender” they are dealing with is only after a non-refundable up-front fee.

ACG has taken the step to not only offer a tremendously valuable guide for mortgage brokers and borrowers who seek answers on who is real but offers full transparency to its continued client base as well as prospective clients who question the very same about Athas Capital and Rama Capital. Not only does Athas Capital offer real and valid client testimonials that can be independently verified but most importantly offers to the public on their website a list of actual funded loans. To help circumvent the inevitable question by a potential client who is trying to validate Athas Capital's claims, a partial list of recently funded loans with addresses can be provided so that the client can independently verify that in fact Athas Capital/Rama Capital where in fact the lender of record on a specific transaction.

As Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Chief Operational Officer of Athas Capital Group states, “The number one question I get asked by a new mortgage broker is, ‘Are you a direct lender?’ This is an intrinsically important question that is asked, and rightfully so in this climate, and my answer is always yes. The problem that Mortgage Brokers face in this questionable climate is that many hear the same answer from others that turn out not to be a direct lender.” O’Shaughnessy continues by adding , “Prior to 2008 I rarely was asked this question but as time moves on, from the collapse of the Capital Markets in 2007, it is without a doubt the number one question I am faced with daily. It is quite apparent that, from the war stories I here, there are so many pretenders out there preying on brokers that are desperate to find a real solution with a real lender for their client’s needs. Some mortgage brokers I can tell are at the breaking point and ready to exit the industry all together. They have run into these very predators I have just mentioned far too often and are truly sick and tired of getting the run around. These pretenders range from simple brokers that pose as direct lenders all the way to the organized and seemingly large companies that write great looking LOI’s and scam the unwary for up-front fees. We have all heard the stories and have probably known someone that has been 'taken' by one of these less than moral individuals or companies."

So the question remains… how does one make sure that they get their clients in the hands of a real and reputable lender. It is simple, take a look at ACG’s guide: .
To inquire about Athas Capital/Rama Capital, one can call.
877.877.1477 ext 777 (Kevin O’Shaughnessy)

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