KTM Roofing Cautions Atlanta Residents about Outdoor Christmas Lights

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KTM Roofing warns Atlanta residents about the risks of improperly securing Christmas tree lights and other holiday decorations to their home's roof. As part of an annual holiday decorating ritual, KTM (ktmroofing.com) also suggests giving your roof a thorough annual review for potential damage.

KTM Roofing is an Atlanta roofer that specializes in roof repair services.

It is rare, but we still see requests for roof repairs as a result improperly securing Christmas tree lights

KTM Roofing, a metro Atlanta roofing company since 1984, cautions homeowners about potential damage outdoor Christmas lights can cause. The concern comes from the risk to damage a home's roof through the installation, and or take-down of Christmas lights and other holiday decorations on residential roofs.

KTM Roofing (ktmroofing.com) has provided several tips for holiday decorations located on, or adjoining a home's roof. KTM also reminds residents that installing outdoor Christmas decorations can be an ideal time to visually inspect your roof, an important component to monitor as part of your home's maintenance.

Ensure Lights are Properly Secured:
The vast majority of homeowners will secure outdoor lights correctly, typically using guards along their roof, or a securing system that attaches to the gutter. The risk of a roof becoming damaged is heightened when lights are directly secured into the top of the roof, or if during the installation the roof becomes compromised by aggressive contact with the roof's surface.

Avoiding the Risk of a Premature Roof Repair:
When installing lights, KTM cautions people to ensure their roof does not acquire any puncture holes. Even a bb-sized hole can do a significant amount of damage, resulting in the homeowner needing to contact an Atlanta roofing contractor for a roof repair.

"It is rare, but we still see requests for roof repairs as a result improperly securing Christmas tree lights," explains Tim McLoughlin, President of KTM Roofing. "Your roof is a significant investment and is part of the first line of protection for your home. Taking the extra time to ensure your roof won't be damaged as a result of installing Christmas lights is a wise decision."

McLoughlin added, "If you're already on a ladder installing lights, it can be a good time to get a closer visual inspection of the integrity of your roof. Are there roofing shingles that appear to be damaged? Do you see any compromises along the seams? It is highly encouraged to take a few extra minutes and give your roof an examination."

Common Types of Roofing Problems:
Keeping up with maintenance is critical for roofs of all ages. Here are some common roofing problems as seen by KTM Roofing:

  • Tree branches touching the roof
  • Hail damage onto a roof vent
  • Damage and possible leakage due to satellite television mounts
  • Architectural shingles slipping due to improper nail placement
  • Shingle damage as a result of installing gutter leaf guards
  • Gutter improperly installed (allowing water to flow over and damage shingles)
  • Chimney without a cricket or saddle (this is a wood framed structure that diverts water away and prevents debris and water collection)
  • Deteriorating plumbing boot

Don't Forget to Check the Attic:
When you are inspecting your roof, make sure you also check for water damage in the attic. Roof damage isn't always visually obvious. Should you find water damage in the attic, look to see if it has spread to the floors below. Finding water damage in the attic is an alert that it is time to call a reliable Atlanta roofing contractor to obtain a free roof estimate.

About KTM Roofing
KTM Roofing has been raising roofing standards in Georgia since 1984™. This Atlanta roofing company is dedicated to excellence in professional roofing. Specializing in roof replacements, KTM can work with a variety of roof materials including natural slate, synthetic slate, clay tile, concrete tile, cedar, pine, cypress, modified bitumen and asphalt. You can receive a roof proposal from KTM Roofing by visiting ktmroofing.com.

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