HomeThangs.com Introduces a Tip Sheet: Top Reasons Why to Update the Toilet During a Bathroom Remodel

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HomeThangs.com introduced a tip sheet to explain why choosing a new toilet is every bit as important to the aesthetics and comfort of the bathroom, as just about any other fixture.

Dover Dual Flush Ultra Low-Flow Toilet From INAX

Dover Dual Flush Ultra Low-Flow Toilet From INAX

Choosing the right toilet can save water, save cleaning time and effort, enhance the appearance of the bathroom, and even improve personal hygiene.

HomeThangs.com – the Home Improvement Super Store has made their goal to deliver the right product to the consumer, with that in mind, shopping and home design tips, as well as special product selections are being introduced.

There are plenty of things to get excited about when doing a big bathroom remodel, but getting a new toilet usually isn’t at the top of the list. After all, most people don’t think of their toilets as pretty, assuming they think about their toilets at all. As a nation, we don’t even like to say the word toilet. HomeThangs.com introduced a tip sheet to explain why choosing a new toilet is every bit as important to the aesthetics and comfort of the bathroom as just about any other fixture.

1.    New Toilets Save Water
Those who haven’t replaced their toilet any time in the last several years, or didn’t opt for a low-flow toilet or even a dual-flush, are wasting water. Toilets are among the biggest wasters of water in any home, but newer models are dramatically more efficient and more effective. Now, even with toilets that use less than the mandated maximum amount of water per flush, one flush will do the trick. In fact, switching to this ultra low flow Dover Dual Flush Toilet by Inax from even a standard 1.6gpf low flow toilet can reduce water consumption by up to 40% per year.

2.    New Toilets Are Better Designed (On the Inside)
Many were thinking that when low-flow toilets came out in the early 90s, they didn’t work so well, and they are not wrong, but the problem wasn’t the amount of water used per flush, it was the design of the toilets themselves. Over the last two decades or so, even pretty basic toilets have seen big technological advancements. From smooth, glazed interiors that reduce friction to whole new bowl designs, like the one on the Inax Saint Clair Eco-X Toilet for example, new toilets are carefully designed to maximize the force of the smallest amount of water. That means a much more powerful flush while using less water than the wimpy “low flow” toilets most are probably remembering.

3.    New Toilets Are Better Designed (On the Outside)
For the last hundred years or so, toilet design really hasn’t changed all that much. There is a tank, a seat, and a bowl, and other than a few minor cosmetic variations, they all look more or less the same. But that’s really starting to change, with companies like GSI re-imagining the shape of the toilet and its component parts to make them an elegant and integral part of the bathroom rather than another generic fixture. That said, the most revolutionary change to the outside of toilets is the shift to toilets like the City Toilet from GSI that have a skirt-style base. That means that instead of seeing all the bends of the trapway at the base of the toilet there is a smooth, easy-to clean surface that won’t collect grime.

4.    New Toilets Look Better
Many manufacturers are even going beyond simply redesigning the way the basic parts of a toilet look, and redesigning the way toilets actually work. From high tech toilets with a whole host of features to wall mounted toilets, these sleek, modern re-imaginings of toilets are anything but average, turning “just a toilet” into something that can actually enhance the style of the bathroom. Especially if going for a modern aesthetic, wall toilets are a great way to add totally unique style without taking up much space.

5.    High Tech Toilets Can Improve Magazine Reading Time
In addition to a whole slew of new toilets that are good looking, there’s also been a recent surge in toilets that are just plain cool. High tech toilets, like the Regio Toilet from INAX, have sleek, simplified exteriors but are jam-packed with technological gadgets. From self raising and closing lids to night lights, heated seats, and built-in sound systems, high tech toilets add the kind of luxury functionality one can usually only get from much larger fixtures, like steam showers, but without taking up the same footprint.

6.    High Tech Toilets Can Improve Hygiene
Many high tech toilets also include built in bidets. Bidets have been slow to catch on in the US – perhaps because of our aforementioned discomfort with the discussion of all things bathroom related – but are considered basic hygiene in many other parts of the world. Most such toilets have settings for both men and women, and use heated water sprayers and warm air driers designed to thoroughly rinse and dry. All those features offer a great way to improve personal hygiene.

When planning the next bathroom remodel, one shouldn’t discount the toilet as a necessary evil. Choosing the right toilet can save water, save cleaning time and effort, enhance the appearance of the bathroom, and even improve personal hygiene

HomeThangs.com is not only a home improvement superstore, it also provides expert design tips and a comprehensive shopping guide, taking the ideas from professional interior designers, and offering tips to the consumers on how to pick the products to best suit their needs.

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