San Francisco Bath Salt Company Educates the Public on Bath Salts

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Bath salts and drugs labeled as 'bath salts' are two entirely different products. San Francisco Bath Salt Company re-visits this issue, distinguishing the differences between the two and explaining what makes a product a 'true' bath salt.

San Francisco Bath Salt Company

San Francisco Bath Salt Company

Our motto here at San Francisco Bath Salt Company is 'keep it simple'

Adding bath salts to your bath is one of the most natural and inexpensive ways to treat yourself to a little “me time”. Concerned that the recent headlines from reports by the Associated Press associating bath salts with drugs could create confusion among the public, San Francisco Bath Salt Company, a leading manufacturer and supplier of bath salts, believes that it’s important to clarify that a bath salt is not a drug that can be abused as a method of getting high; bath salts and drugs that are being sold under the name of ‘bath salts’ are two completely different products.

“It’s important for consumers to know that you cannot get high on actual bath salts such as those offered by the San Francisco Bath Salt Company or any other reputable bath and body company. We want to make it very clear that what people are choosing to get high on are drugs made of designer chemicals that have merely been labeled as ‘bath salts’ by some unscrupulous companies attempting to manipulate the system. They are not bath salts at all. The media is having a hay day with this with headlines like ‘Bath Salts a Growing Drug Problem’ and ‘Bath Salts Pose Big Risk to Teens’. Bath salts are not the problem, bath salts are not being abused and bath salts are not ‘the new cocaine’. The chemicals found in these drugs would never be found in a legitimate bath salt or even used in a bath to provide any benefit,” says Lee Williamson of the San Francisco Bath Salt Company.

So, how can a consumer distinguish between what are actual bath salts and what are bath salt drugs? “If you are looking to purchase legitimate bath salts it is highly unlikely that you would ever even come across a drug that has been labeled as a bath salt. However, there are a few ways to spot these drugs. One of the most obvious signs that it is not an actual bath salt is that these drugs are usually packaged in extremely small amounts (milligrams), yet are outrageously expensive. There is a significant difference when comparing pricing to size between a legitimate bath salt and these drugs. As an example, a 16 ounce jar of actual bath salts typically retails for only $10-$20. Just some of the reported names of these drugs include Ivory Wave, Hurricane Charlie, Red Dove or White Lightning and they are often found at drug paraphernalia shops, adult stores and gas stations.

“Another important thing to keep in mind, when searching for a genuine and legitimate natural bath salt, is that it’s always best to select one where the first and foremost ingredient is some variation of salt, such as Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, or Dead Sea Salt. Choosing a natural bath salt where the main ingredient is salt is the best way to ensure you are getting a ‘true bath salt’ which is essentially harnessing the many therapeutic benefits of oceanic salt water. Any bath additive intended for bathing in, where the main ingredient is not some variation of salt, should really be considered a ‘bath soak’”, says Lee Williamson.

San Francisco Bath Salt Company offers the largest selection of bath and spa salts in the world. Their array of salts includes raw, natural salts like Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, French Sea Salt, Pacific Sea Salt, and many other salts from around the globe. They also have a wide variety of Signature Salts that have been infused with various essential or fragrance oils, natural herbs, extracts or vitamins and other beneficial and therapeutic ingredients. In addition to their unique line of Signature Salts they manufacture and private label for many companies in the beauty industry.

One of San Francisco Bath Salt Company’s most popular bath salts, ‘Muscle Soak’, contains just three ingredients: Epsom Salt, Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil. With nothing impossible to pronounce in this list of all-natural ingredients, this simple combination creates a bath salt ideal for helping to soothe tired and aching muscles. “Our motto here at San Francisco Bath Salt Company is ‘keep it simple’,” says Lee Williamson, “We strive to make affordable, high quality products while keeping the list of ingredients short, recognizable and safe.”

There are countless benefits for the skin, mind and body that can be achieved by adding bath salts to your bath. With such a wide variety of natural salts around the world, each is unique in mineral composition offering different advantages to bathing with the different salts. For more information on bath salts please visit San Francisco Bath Salt Company’s website at where they have extensive information on each of their different salts and many articles about the benefits of bathing with bath salts. Or, contact them by phone at 1-800-480-4540.


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