Announces Relaunch of Parent Child Behavior Contracts System

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Parent Contracts has redesigned their parent contracts and behavior charts to provide more flexibility and customization. Families can now edit each contract to pinpoint the exact issues, values, and goals applicable to each family member.

Most parents have experienced times of frustration when it comes to communicating and enforcing rules. The Parent Contracts staff has designed a set of contracts, Family Values Worksheet, and behavior chart to assist parents in creating a loving, structured environment free of arguments and contention. Taking the time to sit down together and discuss each contract that is applicable (with individualized contracts for each member of the family) will ensure that everyone knows exactly what is expected and what the consequences for misbehavior will be. Having structure and discipline will help create a loving, harmonious environment for all to enjoy.

On the old parent child contract system changes would have to be made on a printed copy of the contract by writing in additions or crossing off parts that were not applicable. With the relaunch of the parent child behavior contracts system every page can be edited and customized on a computer before they are ever printed. Customers purchase the contracts via a credit card or PayPal, and once the transaction is complete the user will be able to download the entire file (Microsoft Word document) and can then choose the contracts that are applicable for each family member. The new editing abilities make the contracts even more versatile than before to best meet the needs of each individual family that uses them and to customize a copy for each child within the family.

Parent Contracts includes nine individual contracts plus a consequences chart, Family Values Worksheet and customizable behavior charts and chore charts. Behavior contract topics include driving, forbidden substances, dating, curfew, school, privileges (cell phone, computer, video games, etc.), general behavior, employment, and goals. The behavior chart is set up to emphasize good behaviors and not focus solely on the negative, and is easily customized to fit different age ranges, personalities, and individual needs. Taking the time to sit down as a family and determine the core family values before starting on the contracts and charts will give the family a strong, unified foundation to base the contracts and charts on. It is crucial that every page is discussed in detail and that each participant is in agreement about what is expected and what the rewards/consequences will be. Signing each contract is critical as it shows commitment from each involved party.

Parent Contracts representative Brenda W. says, “We are really excited about the redesign of the parent contracts system. Customers have been asking for these options and we are so happy to have them available.” Parent Contracts was founded and is managed by parents that have a desire to help other parents succeed in raising healthy, well-rounded individuals. These parent contracts provide help and structure for families and parents everywhere at each stage of life. Not every child will need the teen driving contract or employment contract right now, but these can be saved and used at the appropriate time. Having a basic outline and direction to start with goes a long way in creating meaningful contracts that everyone can agree with and stick to. Visit to see a sample behavior chart and get more information about what is covered in each of the individual contracts.


Based in St. George, Utah, Parent Contracts was created in 2006 by a group of parents that saw a need for solid, well-written contracts to help families open lines of communication and bring structure, rules, and boundaries to their lives. For news and additional information about Parent Contracts follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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