LoseBelly-LoseFat.com Says Eat Fat Burning Food to Help Lose Belly Fat But Avoid Sit-Ups

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The programs incorporate the current thinking on exercises including the most effective abs workouts to lose belly fat and dietary advice. Also discussed are the best fat burning foods and so-called health foods to avoid because they increase stomach fat.

The most popular and effective fat burning programs are a handful of relatively new programs that tend to defy longstanding conventional wisdom on fat burning. These newer fat burning programs help folks lose belly fat by incorporating the newest trends in exercise, as well as the latest ideas on diet and nutrition. These programs avoid bogus fat burning pills, silly gadgets, fad diets and boring cardio workouts in favor of effective techniques by experienced professionals.

Some facts concerning weight loss and fitness are indisputable. First is that obesity is everywhere and the problem is getting worse. Fact Two is the conventional wisdom regarding diet and losing stomach fat seems to have completely failed most people in their quest for leaner bodies.

The way to achieve flat abdominals or six pack abs is yet another area with lots of failed conventional wisdom. There are excellent that can work wonders for people, but most older style exercises often do more harm than good. For instance, doing sit-ups and crunches all day is probably more likely to result in a sore back and neck rather than a dramatic loss of stomach fat or six pack abs.

Certainly, it would seem to be a lot easier to reduce belly fat if folks ate the right foods and eliminated the wrong foods. Easier still would be doing the right exercises and eliminating the wrong ones. However, the ongoing debate and changing theories regarding what works for achieving fat loss and leaner bodies, and what doesn't work, ultimately has left most people confused. But, although the conventional wisdom about health, diet and exercise is always changing, it seems to be more on track now than ever before.

There are little-known facts about foods that can make achieving a lean body much easier. For instance, many people feel that honey or pure maple syrup is a better alternative than white table sugar. That may be largely true from a nutritional point of view, but when it comes to spiking a persons' blood sugar level, they are pretty much the same. But there are better alternatives, like agave nectar which does not raise the blood sugar level and therefore is probably much better for weight control.

Crash diets or starvation diets, which usually refer to diets of less than 1400 calories a day, are not only bad for our bodies, but they usually are very ineffective for long term weight loss. When we don't eat enough food, our bodies tend to go into starvation mode and store fat, instead of losing it.

Most of us have noticed that some people never seem to have any struggle with issues such as how to while most of the population wrestles with the problem each and every day. Is it all just about genetics or is there something else going on? Many experts agree that the most relevant factors include proper diet and exercise but often that is where the agreement ends. There is widespread disagreement on which are the proper foods to eat for achieving weight loss goals and disagreement on which are the most effective exercises.

Is it true that most popular abs exercises such as sit-ups and crunches are a complete waist of time? Can normal, non-body builders get six pack abs? Do some foods classified as health foods cause increased belly fat and weight gain? Is it true that grapefruit helps people lose stomach fat because of it contains a fat burning enzyme called naringenin? Is whole wheat flour better than regular flour? Does quinoa help reduce belly fat? Do some foods actually burn belly fat? Is it possible to speed up your metabolism? Will African Mango really help to lose stomach fat or is it just the latest hyped-up miracle phony cure to lose fat?

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