FlushEze™ Flushable Dog Poop Bags Offer the Best Earth-Friendly Option for Pet Owners and Parks

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PetHabitats.com has created flushable doop poop bags called Flusheze™. The patented bags hold up for dog waste transport but dissolve quickly in water, making them the best biodegradable alternative to plastic bags.

We were the first to create flushable dog poop bags, so we were able to patent the optimal thickness and formulation

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PetHabitats, a small company dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their people, has developed and patented the world's first flushable dog poop bag: FlushEze™. Since FlushEze dog waste bags dissolve instantly in the toilet, they are the best earth-friendly alternative to plastic bags or so-called bio bags.

Experts estimate that it will take 500-1,000 years for plastic bags to degrade, which means using plastic bags for dog waste is more likely to preserve poop than let it decompose. For this reason and many others, cities and communities around the world are banning plastic bags - which means they may not even be available for pet owners to use in the future.

Many responsible pet owners believe that biodegradable bags offer a viable alternative to plastic, but those bags don't degrade that quickly either. Some brands don't even meet standards for biodegradable products in every state.

More importantly, bio bags don't solve the bigger environmental problem of putting dog waste bags in the trash. Dog feces should never be put in the trash - regardless of what kind of bag it is in. Studies* show dog waste can be toxic to groundwater, lakes, and rivers, contributing parasites and bacteria such as E. coli. In fact, many communities have laws or ordinances against putting dog waste in the trash. The only sensible solution for pet owners (and the community areas designed for them) is to flush dog waste into the sewer so it can be treated properly by wastewater treatment facilities.

Steven Sarver, life-long dog owner and PetHabitats co-founder, invented FlushEze to address all these issues. "We were the first to create flushable dog poop bags, so we were able to patent the optimal thickness and formulation," Sarver said. "We conducted extensive testing to ensure FlushEze will hold up while transporting pet waste, but will dissolve immediately in water to avoid toilet clogs."

FlushEze are made from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which is used in packaging, toiletries and medical products. "No other dog poop bags on the market have - or ever will have - the ideal 'mission critical' qualities that FlushEze offer," Sarver added.

PetHabitats is a small, privately owned company based in Roseville, California. The company offers related products such as the PoochPouch™, so pet owners don't have to carry dog waste bags while walking the dog. PetHabitats has several more products in development. "As pet owners ourselves, we want to create products that simplify the tasks of pet care in ways that promote a positive environmental agenda," noted PetHabitats co-founder Bill Ellison. "Our goals come from the basic commitment that any pet owner makes to his or her pet: the commitment of care."

FlushEze were previously available only from PetHabitats and Amazon.com, but will be available via many online and offline retailers in 2009. To purchase products or get more information, go to http://www.PetHabitats.com or call 800-592-9847. Follow the company on Twitter at http://twitter.com/PetHabitats.

*Using forensic science, New Hampshire scientists "found that dogs are a significant contributor of bacteria in several New Hampshire surface waters," according to a January 2007 Department of Environmental Services (DES) report. Other genetic studies have shown that 95 percent of the fecal coli form bacteria found in urban storm water is of non-human origin. These bacteria can pose health risks to humans and other animals, and can lead to the spread of disease.


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