Alpha Calc iPhone Calculator App Introduces 6 New Features Bringing an Apple - Like Interface to an Old Design

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Alpha Calc iPhone Calculator App

Ever looked at a button for more than 15 seconds to figure out what it meant? Ever had the buttons so small and out of place that you hit that same wrong button multiple times?

The Alpha Calc iPhone Calculator App offers a new and better user interface for calculators that have been around for decades. With the advent of new technologies such as the iPhone, it is time for innovative designs to surface. As an example, one of the outdated features of the calculator is the memory button. The memory button has been removed in Alpha Calc, and replaced with numerous customizable buttons. The user can customize these buttons with virtually any number, such as answers to equations or regularly used numbers like tax rates.

"Have you ever used a calculator and looked at it for more than 15 seconds trying to find a button? Ever looked at a button for more than 15 seconds to figure out what it meant? Ever had the buttons so small and out of place that you hit that same wrong button multiple times? We have. We thought we could do better." said James Allen of

Alpha Calc was designed specifically to feel natural and unobtrusive. Alpha Calc has 6 innovative and unique features missing from other calculators:

1) Swipe - Its very easy to use. All 65 buttons on the keyboard are accessible by swiping left or right on the display just as you would on your iPhone home screen. By doing it this way, buttons are large, obvious and can still be fit on one screen.

2) Custom Buttons - It is a Customizable Calculator! If you swipe to the left there are *20 customizable buttons. By holding down a button you can save the current expression or your last answer to a button (√2, 3π/2, π(Ans)^2, Ans+Ans^2, etc.)

3) Scrolling History - If the user needs to refer back to old calculations, one can always scroll through your history by swiping your current answer. Then, by tapping a previous answer or expression, it will be put in the current Expression Bar.

4) Function Solvers - For those next level mathematics maneuvers, Alpha Calc has function solvers for The Quadratic Formula, The Pythagorean Theorem, Area Formulas, and more.

5) Inserting Parenthesis - To allow for the quick stream of problem solving, Alpha Calc doesn’t care about end parenthesis. Entering something like Ln(3(cos(7 would be interpreted like Ln(3(cos(7))), because Alpha Calculator knows what you want.

6) Editing Expressions - You can quickly and easily edit an expression just as you would an e-mail or text message on your iPhone. Just hold down on the expression and you can slide your finger to the item you want to edit.

A calculator should do more than just calculations. It shouldn't make solving a problem take longer than doing it by hand. There shouldn’t be time wasted fiddling through buttons you can’t find or understand. The Alpha Calc iPhone Calculator App fills the need for the classic calculator while adding innovative features that all iPhone users will be instantly comfortable with.

The user will start with 4 custom buttons and 4 formulas. Included is an in-app purchase of 99 cents which will open up all custom buttons and formulas.

Plans for the future include: A Universal Version which will support iPad, Additional Functions, Different Color Schemes, Advanced Button Creation, the Ability to Move Any Button and much more!

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