Com-Serve Offers Free Initial Consultation to Help Landowners Receive Better Cell Tower Lease Buyout & Cell Tower Lease Rates

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The goal of any cell tower company is to negotiate the most profitable deal.  Com-Serve helps its clients receive better deals by negotiating on their behalf.

cell tower lease rates

Now Offering Free Consultations to Landowners. Contact Us Today!

The leading cell tower lease company in Georgia, Com-Serve, has now offered prospective clients a free consultation to investigate the intricacies of their situation.  Companies typically do not offer a fair cell tower lease buyout price or cell tower lease rates , as their goal is to maximize their profit.

“We feel great compassion towards landowners, whether they are businesses, nonprofits, municipalities, or individuals.  Unfortunately, they are led to believe they are receiving a great deal, which is often not the case.  Our goal is to make sure they receive a fair deal, and many times that means we can increase the initial offer by 30 to 50%,” said Com-Serve owner David Espinoza.

Com-Serve can help clients at any point in the negotiation process.  Some might think it’s too late to negotiate a fair deal after a contract has been signed, but that’s not always true.  If an individual or organization believes it could be receiving a better deal, it should approach Com-Serve and provide a copy of its contract.  

Cell tower companies will often approach organizations and individuals regarding a cell tower lease buyout.  In this case, they want people to sign a contract giving the company the option to purchase a cell tower lease.  They will discuss ideas such as cell tower obsolescence risk, site consolidation, merger risk, or that they will market the site for the consumer and split revenues with them.  However the deal is presented, the goal remains for the company to negotiate as profitable of a deal as is possible.  One of the companies that might be encountered is Landmark Dividend.  

The challenge for property-owning individuals and organizations is that they don’t know market rates or how the process works.  Cell tower company representatives know the process very well and work all processes to the advantage of their company.  The typical individual or organization lacks the time necessary to successfully negotiate a more reasonable deal.  

As a result, the best action to take is to consult with a cell tower lease expert.  Com-Serve offers free consultations so businesses and consumers can explore all of their options without putting themselves at financial risk.  The company understands people may be relying on the outcome of the deal to fund their retirement or get out of debt.  

Businesses, municipalities, churches, nonprofits, and individuals interested in maximizing the revenues they receive from their cell tower lease should contact the company using the information below.

About Com-Serve
Com-Serve was founded in 1997 as a reaction to the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  The company has helped clients in all 50 states, and has successfully negotiated higher rates with all leading cell phone companies.  Regardless of the phase in which customers find themselves in the cell tower lease process, Com-Serve has the ability to help achieve a better outcome for its clients.

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