Already Failing Your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions? ChoiceCenter Mastery Coach Offers 6 No Fail Tips to Achieve Goals

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By the 2nd week of January, most people have thrown in the towel on their New Year's dreams. Creating an accountability structure to stay on track and connecting goals to the big picture vision for life are two key components to creating actual results this year.

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Robyn Williams is a Mastery Coach and Founder of ChoiceCenter Leadership University who believes failure to set up an accountability structure is the #1 reason people don't achieve their New Year's Resolutions.

“When people set goals, the biggest mistake they make is failing to create a structured accountability system. This simple step can mean the difference between creating the life you want and living in a perpetual ‘Groundhog Day' of missed marks."

We're all familiar with the story. We spend New Year’s Day making a detailed list of all the goals and aspirations we have for the next 12 months. But by the second week of January, we’re sleeping in instead of hitting the gym, throwing out the patch for a pack of cigarettes, and telling ourselves next year will be a much better time to get started. Why not resolve to break the cycle of failure this year with “6 No Fail Tips for Achieving New Year’s Resolutions?”

Mastery Coach and Founder of ChoiceCenter Leadership University Robyn Williams has spent 13 years interrupting people’s reasons for giving up on their goals. Her proven techniques for success have supported thousands in finally losing the weight, living debt free, giving up unhealthy habits, finding the relationship of their dreams, and creating work/life balance.

“When people set goals, the biggest mistake they make is failing to create a structured accountability system to stay on track,” says Williams. “This simple step can mean the difference between creating the life you want and living in a perpetual ‘Groundhog Day’ of missed marks.”

To break the cycle and actually accomplish this year's resolutions, apply these 6 Tips:

Step 1: Visualize the Goal as if It’s Already Happened.
Most resolutions fail because people never connect them to the bigger picture vision for their life. In order to get serious about losing weight, connect to what’s truly at stake with the goal. Define how a healthy lifestyle elevates quality of life. This might involve envisioning more years with loved ones, less pain from back and body aches, greater mobility, or increased stamina during intimacy. See life at that ideal weight, playing soccer with the kids, feeling confident in the bedroom, or living pain-free.

Step 2: Make a List of Action Steps to Achievement.
Brainstorm all the things that need to happen to realize the goal. If opening a new business, write down actions such as: file incorporation papers; create a business plan; apply for an SBA loan; build a website; lease office space, etc. Be detailed.

Step 3: Assign Benchmark Dates to the Action Plan.
Once the list is complete, show it to someone who is accomplished in that field. Choose someone with sustained success – a person who has quit drinking and stayed sober for 10 years, maintained a 50lb. weight loss for 5 years, or kept a business thriving in a challenging economy. Add actions that are missing and rank them into an efficient, weekly “to accomplish” list. Transfer each week’s “to do’s” to a calendar.

Step 4: Create Small Wins to Celebrate Often.
Resolutions fail because people give up before they achieve the goal. No one wants to wait 6 months to celebrate elevating their credit score, or saving $2,500 for a vacation. The human psyche thrives on instant gratification. Celebrate accomplishing weekly. Post on Facebook, write on a blog – “I joined the gym today!” “I registered my domain name!” Not only will these actions elevate a person's confidence in believing they can achieve their dreams, but the encouragement they receive from others will inspire them to stay focused.

Step 5: Set-up a Reward System for Major Milestones:.
In addition to celebrating small wins, create an incentive to look forward to when major milestones are hit. Rewards can include a new outfit after losing the first 10lbs. Buying custom running shoes after developing the stamina to run 3 miles. Or hosting an author’s reading party when the first chapter of a novel is complete. Incentives drive results.

Step 6: Find an Accountability Buddy or Hire a Personal Coach.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This is the tool most people have missed in keeping their resolutions. They don’t put into place a structured system to hold themselves accountable by creating a buddy or hiring a coach. It's a crucial step that's like buying insurance to guarantee you will not fail.

"If you can afford it, your best insurance policy is to hire a professional business or life coach," offers Williams. "Just like a world-class athlete, you are hiring someone to challenge you to get outside your comfort zone and have you look deeply at what’s working and not working each week. A coach will make sure you accomplish what you say you want."

If a professional coach is too pricey (Coaches can run anywhere from $50 to $1500 an hour), create an Accountability Buddy – a friend or co-worker trusted to tell the truth and not sell out when goals aren't met. Set up a weekly checkpoint meeting that both parties agree not to break. Review the goals list from the week prior. Celebrate what was accomplished and discuss what resulted in missed marks. Create a game plan for course correction, if necessary, then declare what to accomplish the next 7 days. Repeat until goals are achieved.

“Like an athlete, when you hire a life coach they support you in reviewing the game film of how you perform each week,” says Williams. “Your coach can see things you can’t, and by suggesting small corrections, can improve your performance, leading you to achieve your resolutions once and for all.”

To support her coaching clients in setting goals for the New Year, Williams also provides ChoiceCenter's 12-Month Review/Preview as a free download.

ChoiceCenter Leadership University, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Las Vegas, is a leader in personal development and leadership training, as well as business and life coaching. Courses and coaching focus on developing an individual's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to elevate their quality of life and reach the next level of success.

Robyn Williams is a professionally trained Master Facilitator and Mastery Coach who designs and delivers custom trainings for corporations throughout the U.S., and has an impressive private coaching clientele that includes an NBA team owner, Fortune 500 C-level executives, casino/resort owners, and seven-figure entrepreneurs, to name a few.


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