Christian Traditions, Practices, and Festivals Revealed to be Elaborate Fabrications

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In his new book "Christ, Christianity and The Catholic Religion : My Personal Experience with Jehovah," Joseph Whyte unveils the elaborate fabrications of many of today's Christian theology, traditions, and festivals.

“It’s Good Friday, the day Jesus was purportedly crucified; but what if your Bible stated that Jesus was not crucified on a Friday at all? Would you still observe Good Friday as a holy day? It’s Easter Sunday and you are on your way to Easter church services; but what if you could prove from your Bible that Easter celebration was a fabrication? Would you still attend Easter Sunday services? It’s Christmas, the most celebrated of all the Christian holidays; but what if it was the birthday of a pagan god that is being celebrated? Would you still celebrate Christmas? What if all you believed about Jesus and Christianity could be proven false from the Bible? Would you still believe it?” In his new book ''Christ, Christianity and The Catholic Religion,'' Pastor Joseph Whyte takes the reader on an amazing discovery of spiritual truths and surprising facts about Jesus Christ, Christianity, and the Catholic religion.

''Christ, Christianity and The Catholic Religion'' is the amazing, awe-inspiring true story of how Joseph Whyte was led on a 24-year spiritual journey to the discovering of spiritual truths. His story begins after having a series of dreams of a deceased teenage friend who insisted that he was sent back from the dead to warn him about what occurs after death. This is followed closely by his experience of a mysterious stranger appearing and then disappearing before him and a group of five friends in broad daylight. The mysterious stranger states clearly that he was sent to warn them about ''the iron and the clay,'' a Biblical reference to the end of the world. These experiences lead to a life changing decision that begins a 24-year spiritual search for and discovery of truth.

Pastor Joseph Whyte’s enlightening odyssey into spiritual truths leads him to the discovery of answers to many of life’s most pressing questions:

  • Is there consciousness after death?
  • Are our loved ones who die truly “Resting in Peace?”
  • Do we cease to exist after dying?
  • Is there a Heaven, Hell, and a Purgatory?
  • If a Heaven does exist, how do we get there?
  • Do humans possess a spirit or are we simply physical matter?

Additional questions examined and answered are issues about:

  • Homosexuality
  • The day Jesus was crucified and resurrected
  • The Papacy and the Catholic Church
  • Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter

"'Christ, Christianity and The Catholic Religion' is a truly enlightening and refreshing look at today’s major religious issues and questions."

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Pastor Joseph Whyte has spent over 24 years studying the Holy Scriptures in his pursuit of the spiritual truths that are the foundation of all modern spiritual organization and religious institutions. He is a born-again Christian and founder of Beulah Outreach Ministries ( He has been married for 18 years and is the father of two children. He is a dedicated Bible scholar, author, and teacher and has made the pursuit and discovery of spiritual truths his life’s goal.

Joseph Whyte


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