Computer Hackers Target Entertainers' Home Computers: LIGATT Security Watch by Gregory Evans

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Computer hackers are the new paparazzi. Hackers are now targeting entertainers. In a hacker's chat room, LIGATT Security has learned that hackers are targeting entertainers and their managers' home computers. Seeing how much money can be made from one paparazzi photograph, hackers now have a vested interest in all private photos, family pictures, nude photographs, and personal and sexual video footage; they know that one picture can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars to tabloid newspapers all over the world.

    Hackers find it easy to break into entertainers' computers. Common home users, not just entertainers, get high speed DSL or cable internet service installed in their homes; they plug them directly into their computers instead of a firewall that will help protect them. A hacker will then use port scanning programs to scan IP addresses in certain areas such as Beverly Hills and Malibu, CA. Once they scan the IP addresses, they can look for open ports on the entertainer's computer (every computer has open ports); then they will use some type of exploit ( to hack into the entertainer's computer through that open port. Local hackers will drive around certain neighborhoods, like the Hollywood Hills, and pick up all the wireless networks. Research shows that over 70% of people who purchase a wireless router do not turn on the security WPA or WEP encryption. And even if they do have the encryption turned on, a good hacker will use a program such as Aircrack to break their wireless encryption code within fifteen minutes.

Once the encryption code has been cracked, the hacker will start searching the hard drive for pictures and files. Some hackers will install Spyware on the entertainer's computer so that everything the entertainer does on his computer will be emailed to the hacker. What this means is that all of their emails that they send/receive, pictures, screen shots and bank account information will get emailed to the hacker. This also includes song lyrics, new movie scripts, contracts, and even the beats to a new song.

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