Watch General Wesley Clark and Mexican President Vicente Fox Speak Today Via Live Streaming from Chopra Foundation Symposium

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The press and public are invited to watch retired General Wesley Clark and former President of Mexico Vicente Fox address a Chopra Foundation gathering of distinguished scientists, spiritual guides, political leaders and humanitarians via live streaming at or starting at 1:30 pm Pacific Time today. Interested parties can also get highlights by following @ChopraFoundation or @DeepakChopra on Twitter, and comment/participate using Twitter hash tag #sas12.

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President Vicente Fox will speak on the topic of Discovering and Exercising Your Leadership

President Fox was Mexico's first democratically elected president, who made sweeping changes in his country and continues make a global impact on humanity through his responsible leadership.

The Chopra Foundation is proud to present former US presidential candidate and retired Four Star General Wesley Clark and former Mexican President Vicente Fox who will both speak on leadership and spirituality beginning at 1:30 pm Pacific Time today.

These intriguing and inspirational talks can be watched via live streaming at or and followed on Twitter @ChopraFoundation or @DeepakChopra. The media and public may also comment and join the conversation using Twitter hash tag #sas12.

General Clark’s talk today is titled “The Spiritual Side of Leadership,” and will begin at approximately 1:30 pm Pacific Time. President Vicente Fox’s talk, titled “Discovering and Exercising Your Leadership,” will immediately follow.

General Clark retired a four star general after 38 years in the United States Army. A hero in every sense of the word, in his last assignment as Supreme Allied Commander Europe he led NATO forces to victory in Operation Allied Force, saving 1.5 million Albanians from ethnic cleansing.

Today his main focus is on the planet’s growing energy crisis, serving on the advisory boards of the Clinton Global Initiative's Energy and Climate Change and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). Clark is expected to impart his wisdom in this area at the Sages and Scientists Symposium.

President Vicente Fox served as President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006. The first candidate from an opposition party to be elected president since 1920, he garnered 42% of the vote, marking the first time that the then-dominant Institutional Revolutionary Party had lost a presidential election. Under his leadership, the country experienced a stretch of fundamental economic strength and stability.

Since leaving office, President Fox has been involved in public speaking and in the development of Centro Fox, a center for the advancement and study of democracy that encourages a sense of commitment and solidarity among the Mexican population for the underprivileged and for those who have not enjoyed the benefits of development.

“We are very grateful to host these two remarkable leaders. General Clark has not only earned his place in history as one of the true heroes of the 20th Century, he is determined to make a difference in this century—particularly as it relates to his work with renewable energy,” said Deepak Chopra of the Chopra Foundation. “President Fox was Mexico's first democratically elected president, who made sweeping changes in his country and continues make a global impact on humanity through his responsible leadership.”

Deepak Chopra and friends from the often disparate realms of science and spirituality have gathered for three days of conversation on science and consciousness. The public is invited to watch this historic event unfold via live streaming at, or follow @ChopraFoundation or @DeepakChopra on Twitter and join the conversation using Twitter hash tag #sas12.

The Chopra Foundation event is designed to explore questions of the mind and mindfulness, responsible leadership, environmental sustainability, peace and justice, world transformation, and social and economic challenges. The long weekend will end on Monday with a recap of the problems and an exploration of creative solutions.

Peppered with amazing performances throughout the weekend, the Third Annual International Sages and Scientists Symposium includes mind-blowing conversations that address some of the most urgent questions facing our future evolution, including:

  • Are we in the midst of a major paradigm shift in science?
  • Is there an ultimate reality?
  • Does consciousness conceive, govern, construct and become the physical universe?
  • Is the universe becoming self aware in the human nervous system?
  • Is the next stage of human development conscious evolution?
  • Do we have the ability to influence the future evolution of the cosmos?
  • How does our understanding of consciousness as pure potentiality enhance our capacity for intuition, creativity, conscious choice making, healing, and the awakening of dormant potentials such as non-local communication and non-local sensory experience?
  • How does our understanding of consciousness also enhance our capacity for total well being—physical, emotional, spiritual, social, community, financial and ecological)?

“If you find the above questions intriguing, please join me and my colleagues as we engage in deep dialogue about our existence and emerging future,” said Deepak Chopra of the Chopra Foundation. “Everything is being examined from both a spiritual and scientific perspective with the shared goal of finding common ground.”

Distinguished speakers includes some of the top humanitarians, scientists and spiritual leaders of our time, including Nancy Abrams, J.D., Renata Black, Rinaldo Brutoco, J.D., Deepak Chopra, MD. FACP, Gotham Chopra, Mallika Chopra, Richard J. Davidson, Ph.D. Carlos Dominguez, Kamran Elahian, Elissa Epel, PhD, Stuart Hameroff, MD, J. Ivy, and Menas Kafatos, Ph.D.

Speakers also include Satish Kumar, Fred Kuttner, Laura Liswood, Sumant Mandal, Fred Matser, Kevin McGovern, Leonard Mlodinow, Ph.D., Jeremy Moon, Erin Mote, Ph.D., Noel Musicha, CEO and President, Candace Pert, Ph.D., Danielle Posa, Joel Primack, Ph.D. Dylan Ratigan, VS Ramachandran, M.D., Ph.D., Bruce Rosenblum, Ph.D., Rachel Roy, Masami Saionji, Lothar Schafer, Ph.D., Michael Shermer, Ph.D., Vandana Shiva, Ph.D., Daniel Siegel, MD, Henry Stapp, Ph.D., Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D., Alexander Tsiaras, Founder and CEO of, and Jordan Wagner.

Guests and streaming viewers are also enjoying top quality entertainment from Aloe Blacc, the Black Opera, Caught a Ghost, Clarita and The Arte Flamenco Dance Theatre, Diane Birch, Chloe Flower, Class Actress, Il Circo, Iyadede, J. Ivy, Nikki Jean, Miniotics, and TAIKOPROJECT.

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The Chopra Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to improving health and well-being, cultivating spiritual knowledge, expanding consciousness, and promoting world peace to all members of the human family.

The organization’s mission is to participate with individuals and organizations in creating a critical mass for a peaceful, just, sustainable, and healthy world through scientifically and experientially exploring non-dual consciousness as the ground of existence and applying this understanding in the enhancement of health, business, leadership and conflict resolution.

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