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The National Cancer Institute estimated new cases and deaths from oral cancer in 2012 are: “one death each hour of each day” in the United States alone. Signs and symptoms of oral cancer are often painless and go undiagnosed until the cancer progresses, which is why it is extremely important for individuals to have regular dental checkups and ask their dental professional about oral cancer screenings.

Dr. Kanani’s Dental Spa Offers an Oral Exam and X-Ray for $26.99 and a free Regular Cleaning.With the statistics and estimated number of lives lost to different forms oral cancers, it is important to stress on the importance of routine dental check-ups. There are many reasons that people avoid visiting dentists’ offices, but with the large number of deaths due to oral cancer it is essential to understand the importance of a simple oral exam and X-ray, as it is one of the cancers that goes undetected until it has progressed immensely. Unfortunately, the reason it goes undetected is not the inability of a dental surgeon to diagnose the cancerous cells, but the fact that many Americans underestimate the importance of dental check-ups and visiting their dental office.

Fear and the cost are two leading reasons why people avoid visiting their dentist office, which causes them to have more dental health issues, and complications that could have been avoided. As people avoid visiting their dentist until they are in great amount of pain. Often people don’t realize that by waiting, a simple and inexpensive procedure to treat conditions like a cavity can turn into more complicated and costly root canals. With the progresses in dental technologies, most procedures are virtually painless, and there are various sedation dentistry and numbing medications that ease the pain, as well as the fear and anxiety.

As Dr. Kaveh Kanani explains: “One out of seven people suffer from some form of dental anxiety, but it’s important to know that there are many options available to overcome their anxiety. We use a thorough assessment of our patient’s fears and concerns, and will help them determine the best options for them.”

With the growing unemployment rates and financial struggles that seem to be epidemic these days, avoiding dental check ups has become more common then ever. But it is essential to understand the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and the consequence of ignoring what seems to be a small issue at first. There are various payments plans and programs available to make dental treatments more affordable and accessible. As Nancy from Dr. Kanani’s Dental Health Spa explains: “While our focus is to provide our patients the best treatment and care, we know that our patients can be concern about the cost involved, and that’s why we have decided to pair up with financing companies to offer affordable and interest free payment plans.”
Dr. Kanani is a highly regarded Dental Surgeon in Los Angeles; who takes high pride in his practice. He sets the bar high when it comes to staying current with dental technologies and procedures. Dr. Kanani has dedicated much time and funds to attend learning seminars all over the United Stats.
In between dental visits, Dr. Kanani recommends some simple ways for his patients to keep their teeth and gums healthy and try to prevent serious condition:

  •     Brush teeth every day with fluoride toothpaste
  •     Clean between teeth everyday with floss or another type of between-the-teeth cleaner.
  •     Limit sugary snacks.
  •     Don't smoke or chew tobacco.
  •     Regular dentist or oral health professional visits and keeping up with the recommended X-ray and check-ups.

Many times people wonder why dentists want updated X-rays for certain procedures, or to have a specific type of dental X-rays done. It’s important to ask questions and understand why your dentist orders them. X-rays are a helpful tool to detect tooth decay, periodontal disease and gingivitis. They allow the dentist to see the sizes and positions of teeth that haven't come in yet. They can help your dentist plan for braces, dentures, implants or other kinds of dental treatment. They also can show problems with fillings or loose crowns. Not everyone needs the same kind of X-ray or as often as others. Your dental surgeon in Los Angeles can determine how often they are needed based on factors like age, number of fillings, and lifestyle can.

Dr. Kanani and his professional staff are committed to create a Zen and comfortable environment for their patients, while performing the most breakthrough techniques to improve their patient’s quality of life.

Read more to find out why Dr. Kanani is a highly respected dental surgeon in Los Angeles, and is known for his pristine dental implant technics.

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