Herbal Nutrition Supplements Give You the Tools to Control Your Cravings This Holiday Season

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Naturopathic herbal nutrition supplements company, GoodElements.com, understands the challenges people face during the holidays. Dr. Britta Zimmer says to plan now to avoid the annual holiday weight gain that comes as a byproduct of all the parties, food and other good cheer this holiday season.

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Good intentions don't burn fat

It is very common to gain weight during the holidays leading to those inevitable weight loss resolutions each New Year's morning. The problem is that once the weight is on and the body is used to those holiday feeding habits, it is hard to get rid of those pounds.

"Good intentions don't burn fat," says Dr.Britta Zimmer. "Plan ahead so you can still have fun but avoid the weight gain rollercoaster."

Dr. Zimmer and the staff at GoodElements.com advise a pre-emptive strike on holiday feasting. There are a lot of ways to avoid snacking and overeating. Here are just a few tips to get started:

  • When at home, eat a healthy meal or snack before heading out to the party. Eat something filling but healthy so hunger is not an issue when faced with a table full of food. As always try to eat plenty of vegetables and lean protein like eggs, tofu, fish, chicken and turkey, which will give you a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and, thus, better hold those cravings at bay.
  • When out at the party seek out actual whole foods that you can readily identify (not processed concoctions). Again you are looking for things like fruits and vegetables and non-processed, lean meats. Forego the dip or anything else if you are unsure what it is made from. When you do go for the less healthy options, do so in moderation.
  • Do not let exercise fall by the wayside. Keep a regular work-out routine. Even if only a nice long walk home from work, exercise is key, there is no way around it.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks or drink them in moderation. Alternate each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water.
  • Add a little help with herbal diet supplements.

Dr. Zimmer has finely tuned an all-natural vegetarian product called Craving Control to safely aid in weight loss. It uses all natural ingredients such as cayenne to safety speed up your metabolism and chromium, gynema and cinnamon among others to reduce food cravings and regulate blood sugar levels.

All of these ingredients, like every GoodElements.com product, have undergone stringent laboratory testing for purity and safety. When used in conjunction with an exercise plan and smart food choices, Craving Control, herbal diet supplements, helps fight the urge to overeat, which leads to that holiday weight gain.

While many vitamins try to aid in weight loss by revving up the metabolism, they come with unpleasant and counterproductive side effects like blood sugar crashes and jitteriness. Dr. Zimmer has carefully created vitamins to purposely avoid these side effects and, in fact, combat them. Her philosophy is, "You should feel good while doing something good for your body."

GoodElements.com was formed in 2005 with the goal of providing all natural, doctor formulated, safe supplements to enhance the lives of people. Dr. Britta Zimmer, a licensed naturopathic physician, is dedicated to formulating the purist and safest ingredients to create these products. She carefully selects ingredients that complement each other and combines them into one supplement. This eliminates any confusion the consumer may feel and puts everything they need into one pill instead of a cabinet full. Craving Control and other herbal nutrition supplement options can be found at GoodElements.com.    

About Dr. Britta Zimmer:
Dr. Zimmer is a naturopathic physician whose goal is to reach a broad population and empower and inspire them to make responsible health care decisions in order to improve their overall wellbeing. She accomplishes this by educating her patients and customers about nutrition, the healing arts, and how the human body works. Dr. Zimmer brings her years of clinical practice as well as extensive knowledge of health sciences and nutrition to each of the Good Elements formulations.


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