How Many Times Have You Failed on Your Diet? Finally, a Pre-Diet Book is Now in Bookstores!

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"The G Sin" by Hope Kelley is a Pre-Diet Book that offers much needed help in the realm of over-eating (gluttony). Hope Kelley says, "This book will most definitely change perspectives on over-eating and help people conquer their appetites and diets."

"The G Sin" by Hope Kelley

Most people would agree that smokers and heavy drinkers have a problem, but don’t apply the same standards of addiction to over-eating. Why is gluttony accepted and tolerated? The answer to that question is that many people engage in gluttony at one time or another and many participate in gluttony with continued regularity. So it’s easy to look the other way at the reality of what over-eating really means-- gluttony. Gluttony is one of the most repulsive things people can engage in personally and it is most definitely considered a sin by almost every religion of the world.

Hope Kelley says, "Gluttony robs our self-control and dignity. Our physical appetites reflect upon our ability to control ourselves. If we can’t control how much we eat, how about other aspects of our lives? How out of control are we in other areas? If we behave like gluttons, is it possible we are also greedy? Over-eating is truly one of the most complex things for people to overcome."

Review: "The G Sin offers a unique perspective about why many of us are overweight. Hope Kelley is courageous in writing about the sin of gluttony, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and communicates honestly about this difficult topic. The G Sin is the cornerstone piece in understanding why many people battle with weight loss. If you or someone you know is struggling with weight issues, reading this book first will help your diet plan succeed. The truth about gluttony is finally exposed." -- Miles Merritt, Writer.

Review: "Considering the fact that there are countless books, TV programs, commercials and companies that provide various strategies for weight loss, one might expect the problem of obesity in our country to be on the decline. Yet, the truth is obesity has now reached epidemic proportions in the United States. With so much well-researched and well-intended advice available today, why do many people still have trouble maintaining a diet regimen? In “The G Sin,” (The Sin of Gluttony) Hope Kelley offers her unique insight as to why so many of us continue to struggle with our weight. The problem, Ms. Kelley suggests, is that we have traditionally approached the subject of weight loss from a purely physical perspective rather than a spiritual and mental one. The G Sin” is an invaluable guide to help us finally make the commitment to treat our bodies as temples of God." -- Gail Kempler, Ph.D Food Science and Nutrition.


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