Virtual Digital Instrumentation Software For Marine/Automotive/Rv Industry Provides Easy Configuration And Real-Time Display Of Vehicle/Vessel Performance Data

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New virtual digital instrumentation software allows users to configure their own automotive or marine dashboard using Bluetooth wireless link to laptop or PC. Application integrates with data acquisition and display hardware for monitoring engine and vehicle performance in real-time. Configure and calibrate embedded dashboard instruments to meet custom instrumentation requirements.

Chetco Digital Instruments, Inc has released an innovative virtual dashboard software application called vDash™ for its line of digital gauge clusters. Using the point and click interface of any Windows XP computer, customers can now configure a variety of graphic display elements to represent standard marine and automotive instruments. vDash™ works in combination with the company’s line of vGauge™ instrument clusters to provide real-time viewing and data logging of functions including RPM. MPH, volts, amps, oil pressure, fuel level, engine temperatures, GPS data, sonar data, and much more.

Instrumentation names, display graphic symbols, sensor calibration tables, and alarms are all configurable in 1 to 8 display pages by using a mouse to position instrument data where desired. Graphic display options include Digital Data, Bar Graphs, large and small Digital Dials, 2D histogram plots and others. Users pick and choose which elements they want and arrange them for best viewing. Once configured, vDash™ will program any attached vGauge™ unit with the same compatible display formats for remote viewing without a PC.

While designed as a configuration tool for embedded digital gauge clusters, vDash can also perform stand-alone to provide a real-time digital dashboard on any PC/laptop. “We wanted to give our customers an easy and intuitive way to configure their gauge clusters and found the application was also being used to analyze information from our remote units” says Joe Burke CTO at Chetco Digital Instruments. Utilizing built-in serial ports or optional Bluetooth wireless interface, users can view and log live data using instantly configurable displays. Burke said. “We have created a truly virtual dashboard that can be located just about anywhere and communicates with our remote sensor instrumentation units,” he said.

Company President Steve James said the flexibility of a virtual dashboard allows customers to create customized displays required to monitor increasingly more complex engine functions. “Our wireless interface allows an performance automotive technician to view and log vital engine data even from outside the vehicle” James said

Besides its virtual dash features - vDash™ interfaces to a variety of GPS and SONAR, equipment that use the NMEA communication format. vDash™ can display GPS speed, course, bearing, distance, UTC time, and much more. vDash™ also supports data streams from engine control modules such as the Holley Commander 950 to provide real-time display of ECM parameters not possible with standard gauges..

vDash™ is designed to assist customers in creation of custom sensor calibration tables by allowing table modification directly within the application before sending updates to attached vGauge™ units. Users can see real-time results of calibration changes such as fuel tanks levels and then reprogram units when satisfied with the results.

Pricing starts at $195 for the vDash™ application and is compatible with Windows XP PC and laptops.

For more information on vDash™ and other Chetco Digital Instruments products, and where to buy, see our web site and or call 541 661 2051


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