California Dentist Dr. Sam Muslin Challenges Dental Profession To Address the Evolving Needs of an Aging Generation – Now

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With an eye on current demographics, Dr. Sam Muslin, a prominent Santa Monica dentist, speaks out about the changing needs of a maturing population, announcing his challenge to health care providers to factor longevity into their clinical approach – sooner rather than later. His trademarked Dental Face Lift® protocol maximizes oral health and aesthetics, retrofitting baby boomers with anti-aging dentistry benefits that equip them for love, labor and a longer lifespan.

Anti-Aging Dentistry

Anti-Aging Dentistry

Boomers are not going to sit in their rockers and watch their dentures soak after they hit 65! I see them staying socially, politically and economically active, and they’re going to want to look as young and vibrant as they feel.

The average lifespan for Americans has reached an all-time high at 78.2 years, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau report. That figure is projected to hit 79.5 years by 2020. Baby boomers comprise a quarter of the adult population, the report says, with about 3 million turning 65 this year. Watching cultural trends is crucial to any health care professional wanting to stay culturally relevant, says Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS, a prominent California dentist, whose trademarked Face Lift Dentistry® procedure addresses the increasing longevity of his patients.

“People are living a lot longer and staying active for more years. Retirement age is no longer set in stone, so our mindset and approach to health care have to change,” says Dr. Sam Muslin, whose expertise has been aired on the Emmy-winning TV show “The Doctors” and “10 Years Younger” and featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Less than half of those turning 65 this year plan to drop out of the labor force even though they’ve reached the traditional retirement benchmark, according to an AARP survey cited in the March issue of CNN Money Magazine.

“The dentistry profession must change dramatically, if it wants to stay germane. I challenge my colleagues to evolve with the culture. Seventy-six million people were born between 1946 and 1964, and they’re a lively bunch,” says Dr. Muslin. “Boomers are not going to sit in their rockers and watch their dentures soak after they hit 65! I see them staying socially, politically and economically active, and they’re going to want to look as young and vibrant as they feel.”

Dr. Muslin, who has 30 years of experience in reconstructive cosmetic dentistry, offers specialized anti-aging dentistry to his patients to maximize dental health and underlying oral structure to produce more youthful facial dimensions. Decay, infection and bite mechanics are addressed, as well as cosmetic shortcomings – all without invasive surgery or injected dermal fillers.

Tooth height is restored by bonding a protective layer of porcelain to aging teeth. This corrects jaw joint malfunction and rebuilds collapsed profiles, says Dr. Muslin. Gaps are closed and discolored teeth are whitened with customized ultra-thin veneers.

“My middle-years patients have tenacity, and they want their appearances to match their spirited approach to life,” says Dr. Muslin. “They’re embarking on second careers and new relationships. They want to be healthy and have a younger smile.”

“Long-term results are important to the consumer,” says Dr. Muslin. “That’s the appeal of the anti-aging protocol. It restores sagging facial features caused by missing teeth or teeth shortened by grinding. The dentition is returned to a pleasing length, filling out sunken parts of the face and correcting the bite. The procedure diminishes wrinkles around the mouth, elongates weak chins and makes lips appear fuller. I’ve seen it take years off faces, giving people confidence to date, pursue promotions and try new things.”

Dr. Muslin’s Face Lift Dentistry® techniques can be tailored to all ages, evidenced by the gallery of before-and-after photos in his office and on his anti-aging dentistry website. Dr. Muslin also provides Executive Dentistry services for busy executives who are short on time, but want to have their teeth, bite and image retrofitted quickly to offset the effects of aging. Extended appointments are available to accommodate such cases in only one or two visits.

“A recent Wells Fargo survey indicated that 69 percent of small business owners had no plans on retiring or cutting back on labor when they reached age 65,” notes Dr. Muslin. “Forty-seven percent of the survey’s respondents said they never planned to retire unless health forced the issue! As health providers, we need to do all we can to ensure that this generation gets to live vibrant lives well into their 70s, 80s and even 90s.”

For more information about Dr. Muslin’s procedures, visit his website or call his Santa Monica office at (310) 829-6796.


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