Bullying–Way of Life for Teens, Employees, Sex-Partners, Siblings, Military, & Marriages? Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist, on K-EARTH 101 101.1FM -CBS Radio LA Openline

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Bullying – A Way of Life for Teens, Employees, Sex-Partners, Siblings, Military, and Marriages, Imperialistic Governments, Parents? Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist in Los Angeles' South Bay Beach Cities, Sunday August 26, live on K-EARTH 101; 101.1 FM 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM with Scott Mason on CBS RADIO LA OpenLine. What is you toughest bully moment?

Dr. Carol Francis on Bullying and "Generation Social Warriors"

On K-EARTH 101 (101.1 FM KRTH-FM) Dr. Carol Francis discusses Bullying at Schools, Work or Home September 2 at 5:00 AM. Dr. Carol Francis is a Psychologist, Author, Child and Marriage Therapist, and answers caller's questions about bullying in their families, at work or school or on the internet. Tune-in also to http://www.kearth101.com or 101.1 HD2 (Oldies) with Dr. Carol Francis and Host Scott Mason on CBS Radio LA OpenLine Show. 5:00AM or podcast from http://www.kearth101.com

Same program re-broadcasted on 93.1 FM (KCBS-FM “JACK FM” at 6:00 am Sunday September 2, 2012.

Date rapes, cyber-bullying, spousal beatings, hate crimes, employer intimidation, sibling violence, sexual harrassment, hall-locker school smashings, merciless verbal hate talk are all common types of bullying. No matter whether educated or wealthy, all strata of society become riddled with cruel power plays from one person against another.

"'Generation Social Warriors' best describes teenagers and adults of this era. 'Generation Social Warriors' is my new perspective on bullying and how we each need to act to survive pervasive intimidations and antagonism in every setting,” explains Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis.

Dr. Carol Francis called this group the "Generation Social Warriors" due to the high volume of pre-teens, teens, spouses, teachers, employees, and young adults seeking therapy to manage their dealings with bullying and "put-downs" making them depressed and stressed at school.

This generation faces daily the bullying of their peers and the need to learn how to fight back as a means of self-defense. Sociologist Robert Fairies notes that affluent students in high schools both are bullied and are bullies. The battle for "top-dog" or "survival of the fittest" may motivate this teen and young adult generation to learn the art of verbal battles, written slander on Facebook or Twitter or other social networks. Subtle undetectable pushing, smashing and hitting remain unseen or ignored by teachers who are also afraid of being bullied by certain students.

Likely, smart phone videos of such assaults will become the spy tool which brings the hallway and classroom bullies into full view. Using a smart phone for such a purpose also has its dangers, social status, after-school threats and on-line stalking can result. So even those students wanting to stop being victimized, must be Social Warriors.

"Bullying is every where. Watching Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and other despot-ruled countries finally protest and become victorious over their bullying militia and leaders with the help of smart phones, social networks and definite sacrifice to personal safety is a tribute to overcoming bullying. Their courage establishes a precedent that all victims of any type of bullying can adapt. 99%ers started their campaign on the premise that dominance of the 1% which harms the 99%ers needs to end. Blackfeet Tribes and others like them suffered imperialistic bullying in the United States. Returning Vets against the war equally risk social ostracizing and military disapproval for voicing their narratives about sexual and aggressive intimidation within their circles," as Dr. Carol Francis explains.

"Students too must face being courageous enough to endure bullying comments and aggressions. Teenagers have to consider how to face, avoid or challenge those who try intimidation, denigration, or threats."

What to do to help children, schools and parents is addressed by Dr. Carol Francis at RelationshipSatisfactionNow.com or on this CBS Radio LA OpenLine Show on  Sunday Sept 1 on K-EARTH 101 or 101.1 FM 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM with Scott Mason on CBS RADIO LA OpenLine.

Parents need to ask teens and pre-teens what type of bullying they see or experience at school. Listen, ask open-ended questions. DO NOT make them defend their responses nor blame them for those onslaughts while you listen. Learn about a child's school world. 

Parents also experience bullying at work with bosses who yell and intimidate, co-workers who gossip slanderously, or unwanted sexual advances. Perhaps parents too have contributed to the bullying scene as an act of self-defense.

No one wants to be a victim. Perhaps everyone has learned to be SOCIAL WARRIORS in an era when compassion, graciousness and politeness is waning.

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