Drug Rehab in Connecticut Cites Growing Problem of Cocaine Addiction in U.S.

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Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is developing new aproaches to deal with the increasing trend of cocaine abuse in the the United States. Alarming Facts about cocaine abuse ending in Drug rehab and Death. There are over 22 million people suffering from substance abuse (cocaine addiction) problems. Approximately 33.7 million People in this country ages 12 and older had tried cocaine at least once in their lifetime which can lead to addiction and eventually Drug Rehab and Substance Abuse Treatment.

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Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center is developing new ways to help the suffering cocaine addict conquer their addiction to cocaine. Cocaine is the second most commonly abused drug in America (second to Marijuana). There are over 15,000 deaths per year associated with stimulant abuse in the United States (NIDA 2007) . These alarming figures indicate not only a growing problem but also indicate a need to address the issue at its core. Cocaine addiction is a particularly difficult addiction to overcome psychologically. Cocaine abusers, when not using the drug often become depressed and deal with other serious mental health issues as a result of the chemistry changes in the brain which occur, as a result of using cocaine.

Cocaine addiction is commonly characterized by hyper-dependence and high monetary costs which tend to result in consequences that are usually delivered fast and strong to both the individual and those around them. When an individual suffering with cocaine addiction arrives, or is brought to the juncture to stop their addiction and get treatment - whether on their own accord or through a substance abuse intervention - Mountainside can provide the professional assistance, support and treatment needed to successfully guide the individual and their families through each of the steps.

Every day in this country approximately 5,000 people will experiment with cocaine as published by GDCADA . Of those 5,000 people, several can and often do become addicted. Multiply those numbers by 365 and you have a very alarming statistic.

There was a study done showing that of all drug related emergency room visits, 28% of them were as a result of cocaine (NIDA) . Approximately 500,000 people in this country use cocaine on a regular basis (meaning more than 51 days out of the year). Young single people are the most prevalent users of cocaine, with males outnumbering females two to one.

There have been lab tests with conclusive results where lab rats will choose cocaine over food and water when given the choice. Theses studies also showed just how psychologically powerful cocaine is. The same lab rats would take electric shocks or press the same lever over 10,000 times just to receive a dose of cocaine. While there is no real comparison between human and rat physiology, the point of the study is to show that the ability to be rational disappears when this drug is involved. While humans may not receive shocks they will empty their bank accounts, lose their homes and often families just to get and keep consuming cocaine.

Whereas cocaine is known to leave the body within 3 to 4 days the psychological effects can last for years. At Mountainside Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center the treatment team strives at providing the recovering individual with the best possible tools to live a clean and sober life.

Working with their counselors, residents are able to take advantage of a long list of treatment initiatives designed to appeal to individual tastes and preferences. One of the tenets of its individualized drug addiction rehab program is to get people fully engaged in their recoveries. To learn more of the some of the addiction treatment program offerings please visit drug addiction treatment offerings.

It's licensed and credentialed counselors and staff are dedicated to providing compassionate and quality alcohol and drug treatment. In these hard economic times - Mountainside Drug Rehab is there to help. Please contact the below number or visit it's Treatment Center website at Drug Rehab Center (http://www.mountainside.com).

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Additional information is available on the NIDA website

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