Dating & Relationship Guru Continues No-Holds-Barred Style of Coaching With Kindle/Nook Versions of Top-Selling Book

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Acclaimed Life/Love Coach expands publishing of “How to Find and Create Lasting Love” to tablet versions.

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Dating and Relationship Guru Dylan Thrasher expanded his reach recently by publishing tablet-friendly versions of his book, “How to Find and Create Lasting Love,” on the Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook platforms, respectively. Says Thrasher, ‘I have always wanted my audience to have access to my book in whatever way suits them the best, and as we’re already deep in the smartphone/tablet age, I wanted to add versions that are affordably priced.’

Dylan Thrasher is known for having a rougher, ‘brutal truth’ style of coaching which he is the first to admit may take some getting used to. ‘We live in a world where people are coddled and sheltered from the truth, and I just don’t see that working for my clients opposed to the no-nonsense approach I follow. I have no hesitation in telling clients at times that their stubbornness in repeating relationship mistakes is dumb, and that they are wasting their money and both of our time. My peers may take a softer, lengthier approach in trying to help a client, and I believe it shows when you look around at so many people who are now even in their 40’s and 50’s, have been in therapy/coaching for years, and still seem socially screwed up.

Continues Thrasher, ‘If someone has taken the step to invest in therapy and/or coaching, they deserve someone on the other side who wants to be effective and help them in as fast a manner as possible, not someone who wants to pad their pockets with multi-year programs. People are pretty resilient, if you give it to them straight they typically don’t need years of work, but you can’t worry about offending them or making them feel judged. Everyone judges everyone day-to-day regardless, and one should focus more on getting them past whatever’s holding them back quickly like you would want with a friend or family member, rather than if they’re being judged.”

Dylan offers both coaching sessions along with multiple versions of his book (Kindle, Nook or PDF w/ bonus materials) for sale on his website as primary tools to combat what he refers to as our society’s current ‘Relationship Crisis,’ which he sees as a cornerstone to his work. His book focuses on three key sections, those being fixing one’s own foundation in order to be ready for a loving relationship, how to choose a ‘right’ partner opposed to the ‘best for now’ partner, and how to keep love from eroding once you have it. Each section includes chapters on complex issues that he breaks down into simple concepts, incorporating psychological references while maintaining accessibility in the material tackling everything from positive thinking and how it affects your body & mind to eliminating toxic social structures, compatibility traits necessary for longevity, individual chapters on understanding men and women, striving for the ‘top level’ of romantic relationship, along with how to decide when to stay and when to go. The book also comes with bonus materials including special sections on conflict and resentment.

Dylan Thrasher specializes in the dynamics of people, life and love and helping to improve all of it through our dating and relationship choices. His extensive work in human behavior has helped thousands of men and women better their lives, attract the right partners, repair and improve the relationships they keep and learn when it is time to walk away.

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