CompAmerica's Eagle 7000 Desktop PC Debuts, Outruns the Pack

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Upstart CompAmerica announced the Eagle 7000 series of Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad CPU based Desktop Personal Computers for "the serious Soho, serious IT department and serious CadCam/Gamer" starting for around $349 USD.

All in all given the price, which is functionally 5-33% below that of IBM, Dell, HP and Compaq, coupled to onsite service available in the USA and 200 countries around the world, it is clear that CompAmerica has come of age and needs to be taken seriously by the Public and their competitors.

With the month of May comes announcement of new, low cost, extreme performance Eagle 7000 systems being rolled out throughout April and May of 2007 by CompAmerica.

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"CompAmerica's new Eagle 7000 series are the finest machines of their kind we've ever seen," stated Douglas Sears, Technology Editor at ACSA Advances Magazine. "They capture the essence of Microsoft Windows Vista desktop technology, maintaining backward compatibility with Windows XP and Windows 2000, at prices ordinarily thought of as 'economical PC' pricing. Yet these systems are serious performers: thoroughbred machines with features like 'Fast and Silent' technology, 'Cool Running' features, and space saving design that does not have the usual compromise found in other competitors' units."

"In our tests, they exceeded our test platforms' performance yet were flawless with Windows Vista running QuickBooks, Office 2003 and 2007, applications like DigiMemo Manager, for handwriting input, and Adobe platform programs."

"All in all given the price, which is functionally 5-33% below that of IBM, Dell, HP and Compaq, coupled to onsite service available in the USA and 200 countries around the world, it is clear that CompAmerica has come of age and needs to be taken seriously by the Public and their competitors."

The new PCs, the Eagle Office Pro (tm), Eagle Super Pro (tm) and Eagle Ultra Pro (tm), are intended to address unique business, IT and home user segments.

CompAmerica chairman Jack Shulman commented: "We've spent two years making the ownership and operation of the Eagle 7000 series Windows Vista based PC very easy: they're just as compatible with applications as Windows XP yet incorporate the superior, feature-rich environment of Vista, both 32 and 64 bit editions for home and business users."

" We've even tested the new Windows Vista environment with our exhaustive Security Penetration and Terminator Electronic Warfare Reliable Platform test suite. We found Vista to run just as well, in fact better than XP, with all the applications we tested: there were only minor issues. The Eagle 7000 has superior 'load handling factors' and superior 'industrial strength security ruggedization' right out of the box. These systems are the most secure PCs on the market. They have very long legs and run very fast. They absorb work, everything is plug and play, and they deliver the goods."

Adding "Consider the average user. During a day she or he opens emails and leaves them on their task bar running. One does that so as to refer to the emails, respond to them and use them as reminders of work to be done. They fill their Todo list, and modify their calendar package. The average user opens many browser tabs with content they need to have available while doing research and interacting with online accounts and preparing work. The also open several document preparation programs such as Microsoft Word to prepare their daily documentary effort. They keep a roladex of some kind open, to look up numbers, and email address book. They may also browse news online as they work. More skilled users create even larger versions of this kind of workload"

"Concurrently, they may interact with instant message, phone or VOIP callers using Skype, AIM, and IM. They may be interacting with PayPal or Google. Once enough emails, browser tabs and word session are open, the occasional Adobe Acrobat reader or PDF creator, a few print jobs, and other work, Windows XP can really begin to run into problems - once it meets its limits for that PC, limits which were set for XP back in 2001 when it was first released. That was in a day when we were not pushing PCs as hard and when Internet traffic was largely dialup or shared T1, 3-30MB Fibernet and Broadband was still just emerging.

Today's workloads can on a Windows XP based PC: lead to extensive swapping, and heavy disk traffic. For example, every time Outlook downloads email it may need to reorganize a folder, or when Adobe is asked to print out a 19 page document across a network using Post Script there is the requirement for the PC, heavily burdened with other tasks and memory use, to take on work Windows XP can not without slowing down. The Eagle 7000 series with Windows Vista bears this kind of business critical work load far more gracefully than XP systems ever did. Plus, if you order it, you can run Windows Vista/64 on the Eagle 7000 and even go with 4GB or more main memory. This can produce a second benefit: we like to call it Vista's 'Anti Overloading Protection."

"Unlike Windows XP which gradually slows down as the workload grows, Vista/64 seems to enjoy more and more workload. It keeps on letting you take liberties, opening up more emails, Word and Excel or other office product sessions, more applications, leaving you with only one concern, have you purchased a reliable PC enough to do it with in the first place? That's what we developed Eagle 7000 for: to provide you with a low cost, yet very highly reliable PC that pleases you with its endurance and resilience under heavy work loads. No longer sit there frustrated every time the combination of opening applications, system swapping and work deadlines collide: Vista doesn't blockade your access to information the way an overloaded Windows XP system did when too many tasks were present. not to derogate Windows XP, because for lower workloads and static environments its perfectly ok. But Vista opens up, well, a whole new vista of computing performance, pardon the pun."

"And, for all its straight line Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad 'drag strip acceleration' type performance, the Eagle 7000 series despite being very well cooled and having that kind of extreme performance- doesn't make a racket when operating: its literally as quiet as a church mouse. We also offer extreme editions of each model for the enthusiast, with many, many options from our catalog of 254,000 parts."

CompAmerica indicated it believes the smoothness of operation, quietness of operation, its willingness to carry heavier workloads than ever, and reliability under stress and from security intrusions, makes the Eagle 7000 series with Windows Vista a must for every corporate and home user of today, and reflects the most pressing need for users to migrate to it.

In addition to offering On Site Service optionally in over 200 countries around the world, CompAmerica also offers free 24x7 tech support, a free system security server that provides additional security packages to the user at no charge, and a non-nonsense customer relations policy: no waits on 800 numbers for support, free updates, and no-discrimination policy with respect to customers: everyone gets the same top standard of service and support, whether buying a single PC for home use, or 1000 PCs for a major corporation.

CompAmerica, headquartered in NJ, is a leading provider of PCs, Laptops and Servers. For more information, contact CompAmerica at 908-931-1200 or 888-275-2771.


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