Eat Stop Eat: Review Exposes Brad Pilon’s Diet Program

Share Article releases a review of Eat Stop Eat, a program that claims to help people build muscle and get that washboard or six pack abs that they’ve always wanted.

Eat Stop Eat Review

Eat Stop Eat Review

Eat Stop Eat, an e-book written by Brad Pilon that is one of the most unconventional diet programs in the market today and involves intermittent fasting that can be done in flexible periods has caught attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review. Brad Pilon has even termed it to be “anti-diet” that will work best for anyone who wants to be stress free yet still lose weight.

Eat Stop Eat is a program that’s also combined with weight training that will not only help you lose all your excess fat but also give you a leaner and more toned muscle build,” reports Stevenson. “It takes away the old belief that eating small meals or starving yourself will slow down your metabolism. In fact, the Eat Stop Eat diet proposes the exact opposite and allows you to follow the type of diet that you like best. It doesn't tell you what you can and can’t eat. Pilon’s book explains that intermittent fasting will not only increase your metabolism but it will also improve your energy without breaking down any muscle.”

With Eat Stop Eat, all the weight loss will come from body fat. The program helps people get rid of their bad habits like over eating; they learn to adopt a real balanced diet without having to get rid of carbohydrates and fat. They will not lose any muscle, and their muscle building and fat burning workouts will be just as effective. The program trains the body to stop people from eating when they’re already actually full. The metabolism speeds up without having to lose energy and they are able burn fat 24 hours a day.

“If you thought doing nothing will not help you burn fat, then you’d be surprised how this type of program will make it easier for you to follow it for a longer period. This is a unique one of a kind program that you can easily adapt to and fit into your lifestyle,” says Stevenson. “With a flexible intermittent fasting period, you don’t have to make drastic and unrealistic changes to your regular eating habits. Surprisingly, some reviews by those who follow the program say that they are more energetic during fasting days. This is probably due to the fact your body will use the excess broken down fat to fuel your energy.”

“Eat Stop Eat will assure you that you can burn fat fast and easily; the program also initiates the release of growth hormones that are found to be essential when trying to lose fat. A guaranteed success, Eat Stop Eat helps you lose all the belly fat and gain a more confident attitude. You will be amazed at how much weight you lose through time and how your figure can change drastically. If you’re tired of trying to measure out every food you eat everyday and are bothered by all those complex diet instructions that seem impossible to follow, then by all means, put Eat Stop Eat to the test. Eat Stop Eat diet can work for just about anyone willing to try it!”

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