Gas Saving, Emission Reducing Product Hits the Market with Excitement as Gas Prices are Expected to Rise

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Saving money on gas should be a focus all the time and not just when gas prices are high. And it looks like pricing are slowing increasing again.

RXP Generation II, a new product in the Radiant Auto line of EcoRadiant Technology, has generated a great deal of buzz. Tested by D.O.T. and an EPA approved laboratory, the product proved it can improve gas mileage and decrease emissions.

EcoRadiant Technology is pleased with the excitement that its new product has generated. The product has proven through tests it can help the environment and make vehicles greener. Gas prices have been the focus of the year, and even with the recent decline, that has not changed. The decline promises to only be temporary. Prices are expected to be on the rise again soon, which means people are still looking for solutions to increase their gas mileage.

EcoRadiant Technology answered the request for solutions with RXP Generation II. The product works by enhancing combustion in the vehicle. When combustion is enhanced, several different things occur.

First, there is improved fuel economy. Most vehicle owners who use the product will notice a marked improvement in their gas mileage. They will get this improvement without hurting their vehicle, as there are not any harmful chemicals in RXP Generation II.

Most vehicle owners can expect a 2% to a 5% increase in their fuel economy. EcoRadiant Technology ( ) states this mileage improvement can be increased by using their other eco-friendly vehicle products for the oil and transmission. However, when used on its own, it can still get results.

Next, users of the product will see a significant decrease in emissions. Right now, there is a movement for drivers to start to be more mindful of the carbon footprint their vehicles are putting on the planet. Many people cannot afford a hybrid vehicle, and are turning to this product as an affordable alternative. Like a hybrid, they will have lower emissions, but unlike a hybrid, they will not have to spend a great deal of money.

People have found the product can help their vehicle get up to code. Those who have a hard time passing an emissions test can use the product to cut down their emissions. However, it is recommended that those who use the product to cut on their emissions for the emissions test continue to use the product after the test as well. If they do not continue to use the product, they will end up with high emissions once again. It is recommended the product be used with every second tank of fuel.

The product also works to improve the horsepower of the vehicle and help the vehicle run quietly. Cars that have pinging see a reduction in noise when they use the product.

Those who are interested in learning more about the product or purchasing RXP Generation II can visit EcoRadiant Technology online at

EcoRadiant Technology is a company completely dedicated to green products. They work to find eco friendly solutions for people. Their product line includes products for vehicles, plants and the household.

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