New Book by Dr. Karl D. Coke Reveals How to Put God Back in Education

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"A Proper Education" is a new, 352-page book by Dr. Karl D. Coke, Ph.D., Chancellor, Timothy Program International. It reveals with amazing clarity how Judeo-Christian belief in God has been deliberately removed from education. It demonstrates why God must now be put back in education.

A Proper Education Book Covers

How have secular humanists put our educational system in crisis? Why should education return to a biblical basis? How can we restore education? These questions and more are answered in extraordinary detail by Dr. Karl D. Coke in A Proper Education (AndyBooks Publications Charlotte, North Carolina ISBN 0-9743493-5-6, $25.00).

According to Dr. Coke, a proper education begins with God, is monitored by God, and all man's conclusions must be checked by God.

Dr. Karl David Coke is recognized worldwide as a leader with his understandings and teachings of the Bible in its original languages. He is a stimulating Bible teacher whose primary purpose and call is to teach all Christians how to be useful and more effective in their ministry. His secondary purpose is to help bring a measurable unity to the Body of Christ.

His experience as a Bible teacher is extensive. Since 1963, he has taught in most denominations and synagogues. He has taught in most of the world. He has founded and pastored 3 churches as well as helping to establish many other congregations. He serves churches in an apostolic ministry ranging from establishing congregations to assisting in their administration.

He is the founder of the worldwide Bible college curriculum called "The Timothy Program International." He appears frequently as a guest and host on national radio and television programs. He has been a national conference speaker for such organizations as Women's Aglow, Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship, Institute in Basic Life Principles and Christian Believer's United. He also addresses camps such as Blue Mountain Christian Retreat in Pennsylvania and World M.A.P. in California, Oregon and Washington. He especially enjoys ministry to small groups who want to grow spiritually.

Dr. Coke has produced thousands of teaching tapes on such important issues as: "Healing," "What the Bible Really Says About the Husband and Wife Relationship ," and "Going Through Wildernesses."His series on "Getting To Know Jesus" has been a blessing to many who desire to live Jesus' "faith." He is noted for his series on "Things Jewish." This two-album, 24-cassette series reveals the impact of Hebrew and the Jewish culture on the New Testament. All of Dr. Coke's teaching contains the language of Hebrew and the culture of the Middle East. He has written the four-section, 200-page Beginner's Hebrew Workbook, which is used worldwide by all denominations.

His style of teaching brings new and fresh clarity to God's Word. His latest book, A Proper Education, - is a book discussing the need to have God in education. This work discusses the Biblical mandate for education, the problems caused in education by secular humanism and a fresh idea about designing a curriculum without excluding God.

This book examines:
·        The Biblical Premise of Education ...
·        A Proper Education
·        God's Word Is Spoken, Written & Embodied
·        What May Be Studied
·        Book One And Book Two
·        Man Created In The Image-Likeness Of God
·        Observe And Obey
·        God Speaks In Parables
·        Two Teachers - The Holy Spirit, Then Man
·        God Created Students
·        The Problems in Education Caused by Secular Humanism ...
·        Secular Humanists Have Replaced God
·        Behavioral Psychology
·        Myths And Oxymorons
·        Lies
·        Influence Peddlers
·        Using Religion
·        Campuses & Professors Encourage Immorality
·        Financial Debt Enslavement
·        Anti-Semitism & Hellenism Twins
·        The Plan to Return God to Education ...
·        Embedding God's Word In Curriculum
·        The Bible - Education's "Search Engine"
·        The Bible - Education's "Re"Search Monitor"
·        The Bible - Education's "Conclusion Checkbook"
·        An Idea On How To Educate
·        Universities Should Research And Teach
·        We Need To Work Together
·        Education's Motto: "Observe & Obey"
·        Let Students Choose The Curriculum

A Proper Education clearly presents a solution to stop faith-based universities from sliding down the "slippery-slope" of secularization. This book is also a "clarion-call" to all believing Christians and Jews to develop a new curriculum with the Torah (Bible) embedded in every discipline. This book is a "must-read" for prospective college or university students, their parents and grandparents. Every believer, politician, minister and educator in the world should read this book.

Something must be done about the decline in education and A Proper Education shows the way. For more information, please visit ( .

About AndyBooks® Publications:
AndyBooks® Publications is devoted to providing quality, affordable Bible studies books, music and various original products. We are proud to offer materials by Dr. Karl D. Coke, a Hebrew scholar who has dedicated his life to teaching the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. These in-depth study materials and teaching CDs are only available through AndyBooks.

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