Intensive Tutoring: A Foster Care Child's Educational Right

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Educational Tutorial Services Continues to Provide Intensive Tutoring which Gives Foster Children Hope for their Future

Of the more than ½ million foster children in America, fewer than half will graduate high school and only 20% enroll in college. Educational Tutorial Services continues to be a company that provides intensive tutoring for foster children. Through doing so, obstacles foster children commonly face can be overcome. The children and youth receive the additional educational support they often times need to succeed.

Take the story of Manuel, whose name has been changed for the purposes of anonymously telling his story, a foster child who was fortunate enough to have his foster parents, case managers and ultimately a Pittsburgh based social services agency behind him. All who believed in his abilities have made his story a successful one, a story from which we can all gain insight regarding the value of intensive tutoring for children dealt an initial unfortunate hand in life. Manuel had been mistakenly labeled as mildly mentally retarded and had been transferred from foster home to foster home a total of 8 times. His chance for obtaining even an eighth grade reading level was minimal at best, and his chances of becoming a high school drop out were at the onset, assumed to be very high.

All involved in his care took an interest in him and had a profound belief in this child, and the results were unmistakably remarkable. After his “advocates” namely his foster parents and case managers concluded that a special interest must be taken in him, his corresponding social services agency decided that Manuel would begin to receive intensive tutoring beginning in the fourth grade. Intensive tutoring was provided, consisting of an average of 8-12 hours of tutoring throughout the course of the entire school year and 15 hours per week provided during the summer months. The tutoring provided focused on core subjects such as math and reading, but encompassed all subjects.

In the case of Manuel, he was kept off the streets, away from drugs and his educational outcome far surpassed what was originally projected. Manuel graduated high school and had gone off to college, which was not initially perceived as something that would even be a remote possibility for him. For Manuel, all was made possible through a belief in his abilities leading to securing intensive tutoring from a respected tutoring agency. His life would be changed forever. What was once a dismal forecast for a child’s future had been changed to a youth now having every opportunity in front of him because of a belief in his ability and because of intensive academic remediation or tutoring.

Foster children need someone to go for extra mile for them. Someone to advocate for their right for intensive tutoring – beyond what the schools can provide and beyond what social services can afford. In an effort for tutoring to be the most beneficial, ideally tutoring begins no later than the fourth grade. This is the ideal time so that the essential building blocks of math and reading will be developed; however, it should go without saying, at ANY point advocating on a child or youths behalf so they too can receive intensive tutoring, will prove to be extremely beneficial. Any foster parent interested in their foster child receiving tutoring, please contact your case manager and have them call 1-888-705-6383 for more information as to how your child can receive intensive tutoring.

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