El Cid Vacations Club Beware Of Travel Scams While Traveling For Spring Break 2013

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While planning a trip this Spring Break to Mexico with El Cid Vacations Club Beware of scams that could cause untold amounts of financial disaster and credit issues down the road.

El Cid Vacation Scam

El Cid Vacations Scam

Every year, thousands of college students leave their campuses and head south, to the beaches of Mexico, for their Spring Break. The El Cid Vacations Club Beware for travelers to these regions is that con artists and scammers are well aware of the influx of carefree visitors the regions get, this time of year.

One of the most important things travelers can do is to be sure to stay vigilant. A pickpocket will more than likely completely avoid a person who looks to be paying attention to their surroundings and their belongings. There are plenty of people for them to chose to mark, they won't risk being caught, so they only pickpocket when they know they can get away with it. Keep a watchful eye when in areas dense with crowds, and while shopping and sight-seeing as these are times when pickpockets know that people are distracted and not focused on their belongings.

El Cid Vacations Club Beware while attempting to use ATMs alone, or at night. Some crooks will hideout by ATMs and wait until a lone, and oftentimes intoxicated, traveler attempts to withdraw money from the machine. The crooks will then holdup the traveler, and force them to withdraw money for them. This is extremely dangerous, and it is advisable to only use ATMs in well-lit, preferably indoor environments.

Limiting the amount of jewelry both brought, and worn, can also diminish the chances of being targeted. Fancy jewelry is a spotlight for pickpockets, as they know the individual is wealthy and thus more than likely caring a lot of valuables on them. Simply do not wear jewelry unless it is essential.

Smartphones offer conveniences previous generations never had. However, these conveniences are not risk-free. El Cid Vacation Club Beware of apparent "free" wireless networks. Some of these free networks will download malicious software onto devices that record and transmit input passwords, allowing computer hackers to gain access to the accounts the smartphone user logged into. Always be sure to connect to legitimate wireless networks, before inputting personal information.

Spring Break can be exciting time for travelers, but it can quickly go sour when items are stolen or information is compromised. The best defense to thieves and scammers is to remain aware, and keep an eye on belongings.

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