5th Annual National Punctuation Day, September 24, Helps Schools and Businesses Promote Good Writing

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Annual punctuation celebration stresses literacy for children and adults.

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Careless punctuation mistakes cost time, money, and productivity.

Why is punctuation important Jeff Rubin the Punctuation Man and founder of National Punctuation Day (September 24) explains that without punctuation you would not be able to express your feelings in writing not to mention know when to pause or stop or ask a question or yell at someone and without punctuation you would not be able to separate independent clauses and show an example of how a business lost millions because of an errant comma so dont forget the most important punctuation mark $$$$$$ OK so a dollar signs isnt a punctuation mark but its important dont you agree

The 5th Annual National Punctuation Day (NPD) will be held in schools and businesses across the U.S. on September 24th. NPD reminds us of the importance of proper punctuation for communicating clearly at school or at work. Visit the web site to see how proper punctuation is celebrated with activities in schools across the nation to teach good writing skills to students. It's also a day to remind business people that poor punctuation can cost your business millions of dollars.

Rogers Communications, for example, one of Canada's largest telecommunications companies, learned the hard way just how important proper punctuation could be, when an attorney misplaced a comma in a contract with a company that agreed to lay Rogers's cables across the Maritimes. A Canadian court said ignorance of correct punctuation was no excuse and invalidated what was believed to be an ironclad five-year contract. That errant squiggle alone cost Rogers $2.13 million. (You can read about this case at http://www.NationalPunctuationDay.com)

"Punctuation has been devalued by a generation of computer wizards who ask, 'What's the point? Nobody writes in complete sentences anymore,'" says Jeff Rubin, founder of National Punctuation Day. "But the rules of proper punctuation haven't changed just because of computers," he says.
"Casual shortcuts bred by e-mailing and text messaging have no place in professional business writing," Rubin says. "Words have power and help decision-makers form impressions immediately." Clarity and attention to detail remain imperative. Explains Rubin: "Careless punctuation mistakes cost time, money, and productivity."

The 5th Annual National Punctuation Day on September 24 draws attention to the importance of proper punctuation. Yes, proper punctuation is important, especially when a misplaced comma, as Rogers Communications learned, can alter the meaning of a sentence and cost you $,$$$,$$$!


What can you do to participate in National Punctuation Day on September 24?

  • Go to http://www.NationalPunctuationDay.com and become familiar with punctuation rules and issues.
  • Forward this news as a way to spread the importance of proper punctuation.
  • Organize punctuation activities at your school, library, or office
  • Share examples with founder Jeff Rubin at jeff [at] national punctuation day [dot] com.

Founded in 2004 by former newspaperman Jeff Rubin, NPD is listed in Chase's Calendar of Events and The Teacher's Calendar, two directories published by McGraw-Hill.

The annual event is widely recognized. Bank of America in Tampa, FL, for example, commemorates NPD with a week-long array of celebrations and trivia contests. Last year, Rubin was a guest on dozens of radio shows, NPD received significant newspaper coverage, and the Dayton Business Journal in Ohio baked cookies and pastries in the shape of punctuation marks.

To learn how schools or companies can participate in National Punctuation Day, or to schedule an interview with Jeff Rubin, the Punctuation Man, visit http://www.punctuationplaytime.com, call Jeff at (877) 588-1212, or e-mail Jeff at jeff [at] national punctuation day [dot] com.


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