Hydrogen on Demand System Installed in Vehicle Doubles Gas Mileage While Keepin' the Environment Green

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The Hydrorunner does just as its' name states - runs solely on water…tap water, and can be used with ANY engine running on diesel or gasoline while reducing harmful greenhouse gases by up to 90%. With gas prices on the rise and increased air pollution, Hydrorunner grabs the attention of environmentalists and motorists.

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Our goal is a continuous effort in preserving our environment while increasing energy efficiency with transportation.

The owners of Check Engine Service Center located in Tampa, Florida, William Wylie and John Swangler have invented a system unlike any other hydrogen-run system in existence; the Hydrorunner G3. The utilization of the system in conjunction with a diesel or gas run engines, is about to make an impact on not only the automotive industry, but on the environment as well.

William Wylie and John Swangler of Hydrorunner, have made a significant scientific discovery not in the manufacturing of hydrogen, but in the control of it. Hydrorunner Incorporate has developed a "Hydrogen On Demand" system, that can be controlled via a pre-programmed computer that is specifically designed for any EFI internal combustion or diesel vehicle.

Wylie states the technology behind Hydrorunner (http://www.hydrorunner.com), is not a new one, but is being used in a new way, "Electrolysis or splitting water has been around for over 50 years, and is a simple science experiment conducted in any middle school." What sets the Hydrorunner apart from other Hydrogen run systems is the programming of the computer within the system.

According to William Wylie, President and CEO of Hydrorunner, "The Hydrorunner G3 system creates Hydrogen gas on an as-needed basis. In other words, once the ignition is turned on, the system produces H2 gas. This is important since we are not troubled with the same on-board storage issues as other systems. The only maintenance requirement is add water, and go."

Successful test results have shown that the Hydrorunner doubles gas mileage, increases the engines horsepower by 10%, the torque by 8%, and extends the life of the engine considerably. Results also showed a decrease in the need for oil changes.

The Hydrorunner (http://www.hydrorunner.com), maintains its' safety with an MLSS, a multi-level safety system consisting of manual overrides, temperature shut down sensors and much more. The G3 system was also created with non-corrosive materials, minimal moving parts, hi-impact plastics and best of all, runs on regular tap water equating in low maintenance costs and fewer dollars spent on fuel.

Hydrorunner is "Keepin' it green" by the reduction of up to 90% reduction of harmful emissions. Wylie shared, "Our goal is a continuous effort in preserving our environment while increasing energy efficiency with transportation."

It's durable. It's safe. It's clean AND green.

John Swangler, CTO and COO of Hydrorunner stated, "We are not reinventing the wheel, just making your wheels go farther on the same fuel."


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