Major Automotive Manufacturer Chooses Intercept Technology™ Shrink Film to Protect Equipment from Corrosion During Plant Closures

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Intercept Technology Packaging materials work by sacrificially neutralizing atmospheric contaminants that cause rust and corrosion. Intercept Shrink Film protects inventory and equipment for indoor and outdoor storage, and for worldwide shipment. No corrosion, no rust, no outgas, no oils, no particle-shedding - the product is as pristine and ready for use when it comes out of Intercept as it was when it went in.

Intercept Technology Packaging protects large equipment from corrosion or rust during plant closing

In all cases the equipment was unpacked at overseas platform manufacturing sites, and found to be in the same as-new condition in which it left our works.

The news from the automotive industry has experts evaluating past administrative decisions to analyze the industry's current predicament. A recent decision by a large auto manufacturer to use Intercept Technology™ Packaging Shrink Film to wrap their manufacturing machinery, inventory, and equipment as they close their plants is a good one. All concerned: management, employees, share holders, product owners, and now taxpayers, can feel comfort in knowing the invested working capital is tightly wrapped with Intercept and will not degrade in storage and in transit.

Intercept Shrink Film has a storied past of protecting inventory and equipment for indoor and outdoor storage for parts and equipment, and for protection when shipping anywhere around the world. Case in point: using Intercept Shrink Film for wrapping emergency generator sets, CAT project manager Tim Pritchard wrote: "In all cases the equipment was unpacked at overseas platform manufacturing sites, and found to be in the same as-new condition in which it left our works." From Seatram project director Ted Del Borello: "Encapsulating with Intercept products has ensured that the equipment has reached destination with its pre-shipment condition maintained."

Copper-based Intercept Technology works by sacrificially reacting to the atmospheric contaminants that cause rust. Thick gauge Intercept also is superb for keeping the moisture out of the package and off equipment.

It is a bumpy road ahead for the entire US automobile industry. But at least at one major plant the message appears to be: "Be prepared; be ready to spring into action when business returns". Inventory, manufacturing machinery, and plant equipment that is rust free, clean, immediately ready to go, that does not need to be cleaned up, and is free from corroded parts needing to be replaced, will aid in starting up manufacturing and/or maintaining the value for selling the investment. If left unprotected and the equipment accumulates rust, not only does it lose value and require a great deal of labor to be readied, but parts to make it operational may not be available when needed. It makes good economic sense for the plant to protect its working capital with valuable Intercept Technology corrosion preventive packaging solutions.

Liberty Packaging Co., Inc. provides Intercept Technology Packaging on the East Coast, US.

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