Despite Difficult Economy, Infinite Answers Uses Innovation to Help Create Economic Development

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3B Dataservices commitment to being right as opposed to being popular may provide the answers to survival for many companies seeking innovative strategies to overcome tough economic times. Affectionately coined the Un-ERP, this innovative ERP offers more business management value than many popular, well known and much larger ERP systems while emanating a level of simplicity and ease of use that challenges even the simplest of traditional off the shelf accounting systems.

Data is never moved, removed nor forwarded, but always simply referenced as and when required.

The decision to build an information system that would perform the way business owners really want a business information system to work started in 1984 but didn’t get into full swing until 1993 when Ron and Bruce joined forces. There were a number of tremendous challenges to overcome but an unwavering determination to persevere to success prevailed. The first move was to conscientiously and completely ignore what everyone else was doing in the world of information systems development and totally rethink objectively what an information system really should be like.

Starting from scratch certainly took some imagination, for example:

Imagine Information systems so simple that persons possessing only basic clerical level skills and very little system training should be able to easily manage them. Imagine all authorized users having instant recall and reporting capability of anything that ever took place in the business, regardless of when or how long ago it happened.

Imagine a system whereby, through just tinkering with some simple imbedded business rules, but sometimes simple programming, business information systems that could quickly, easily and affordably promote a level of diversity that allowed any business the ability to investigate virtually any imaginable processing function or business venture which might encourage increased prosperity and or greater longevity of the business.

Imagine this highly innovative management information or ERP system residing on an extraordinarily fast and universally affordable server. One that is fully cloud capable, tuned for accessibility from virtually anywhere the internet lives; Imagine the information possibilities coming from the ultimate in server and data consolidation because every piece of knowledge is instantly and conveniently at your fingertips. Imagine this server never being successfully attacked by a hacker or a virus. No one’s personal or private information is ever compromised.

With all these challenges, such a system may be starting to seem like the impossible dream.

The good news is that it is reality.

Such a system has been successfully developed and used by a number of companies for over thirteen years. These companies work in a variety of business management verticals including construction, rentals, manufacturing, service, health care claims processing, fabrication and more, iNfinite Answers is all of the above and a lot more because the system developers were determined to always think from an entirely different perspective. Not What do systems look like? but rather, what do people really need out of systems? How can we make it so that people can always function and retrieve whtever they require amost effortlessly?

Rather than consisting of a select group of integrated modules joined through complex integration programming, iNfinite Answers is an endless, seamlessly integrated database of all transactions, All transactions are defined through the definition of virtual modules, modules that can be just as diverse as business opportunities may require, unlimited in number, all running simultaneously. As a consequence, the database and the user tools used to run it all become RAM Centric in a natural, simple workflow.

Subject to each system user’s profile and their security level, all this data is instantly accessible by all users at any time, for all time, past and/or present. Data is never moved, but always simply referenced as and when required. This means there can be no duplicated records or data silos. The system is also designed to capture who, what, when and where, the four basic and most important elements of every detail in every transaction. All four elements are verified before any detail of the transaction is written to disk. As a result, reporting is forever wide open to whatever captures one’s imagination without time barrier or type of event limitations.

3B Dataservices began providing hosted remote data processing services in 1970 along with custom program design and development. Today, still providing hosted services but VIA the WWW, and continuing to develop business management applications, they are excited about marketing these benefits of their many years of efforts to other businesses throughout Canada as well as developing strategic partnerships in support of US based corporations, large and small. URL:

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