Finding Vacant Houses Just Became Easier With Bird Dogs

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Foreclosure University releases new video which reveals how to leverage bird dogs to find vacant houses. Video also reveals who the best bird dogs are and how they are compensated.

cameron dunlap
New investors don't realize what their time is worth and they try to do everything themselves.

Foreclosure University is excited to announce a new video on how to find vacant houses. The vacant house business can be very lucrative if it's done the right way. "I see it all the time," says Cameron, a local real estate investor, "new investors don't realize what their time is worth and they try to do everything themselves. It would be better if they leveraged their time and focused on simply making money."

In the vacant house business, one of the most time consuming events is driving neighborhoods to look for these vacant houses. This new video reveals a great way to leverage an investors time by allowing others (bird dogs) to step in and help.

There are lots of people who "have to" drive neighborhoods all day long for a living. These would be people like meter readers, postal workers, garbage truck drivers, etc. "These are the types of people we are looking for," say Cameron. "It's their job to go around neighborhoods anyway. Investors can drive these neighborhoods if they want, however, it's not the best use of their time."

Bird dogs can really help save a ton of time for the investor. And they are not that hard to find according to Cameron. "By simply putting up a classified ad, the bird dogs will come. Right now there are a lot of people looking to make some extra cash and if they are driving neighborhoods anyway, it's a great way to put some extra cash in their pocket." Typical payout on a vacant house lead is between $5 and $10 depending on what they provide.

Once the bird dogs are found and trained what to look for, they go out and start hunting for houses. Once a house is found, it goes into a data management system that keeps track of everything so it's not lost. In the data management system is also where the bird dogs are paid.

The bird dogs are not paid by the hour, rather upon submitting a vacant house. No bonuses or spiffs are paid out and the video will explain why. Basically the bird dogs are independent contractors. This works great for both the investor and the house hunter.

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