It's Getting Hot in Here . . .: How Can You Tell if You Are Getting a Hot Flash? Expert Offers Advice and Fast Relief

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About 80% of women in the US experience a hot flash of some degree (mild, moderate, or severe) as they approach menopause. After suffering one too many hot flashes, product developer and consumer, Marie Cammarata, created the ideal solution: A hormone free cooling gel called Hot Flash Emergency Relief

All other natural treatments for hot flashes must be ingested

    "All other natural treatments for hot flashes must be ingested," explains Maria Cammarata, Founder and Creator of Hot Flash Emergency Relief. This topical product is a simple and practical way to fight off flashes and get instant relief without having to ingest a pill."

Cammarata offer some helpful advice on detecting hot flashes:

What is a hot flash?

Hot flashes are triggered by a gland in the brain called the Hypothalamus, considered the "thermostat" of the body because it regulates your temperature. In a hot flash, the gland confuses the body's temperature as being too hot and sends the message to cool down by sending heat out.

What are the symptoms?

In the effort to expel heat from the body, the heart may pump faster and blood vessels near the skin expand. Blood flow is increased especially to the head, neck, chest, and back, resulting in a reddening of the skin. The body releases sweat to cool off. In some women, temperatures may rise up to seven degrees during a hot flash and may be followed by chills or dizziness. For some, flashes can strike several times a day and cause anxiety, irritability, frustration, and interfere with sleep.

How can I prevent hot flashes?

Unfortunately you can't stop one from happening but you can certainly lessen the side effects with Hot Flash Emergency Relief (HER) which puts you back in control of your body. Applied to the wrists and sides of the neck, the clear, soothing gel sends a message to the brain that cooling has taken place and stops a hot flash in seconds. The cool scent refreshes then quickly dissipates, so it won't distract from your perfume. Use it at the onset of a flash to avoid heating up, or in the middle of a flash to relieve symptoms right away.

HER is currently available at or by calling 1.800.982.6143 with a suggested retail price of $19.95.

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