Three “Must Know” Tips to Owning a Foreclosed Home - Let Toltek Services, LLC, Show Home Owners How to Avoid Unexpected Maintenance

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Avoid the unexpected maintenance costs from now on. Foreclosed homes have typically been through a rough period from the perspective of the structure and its equipment. Dave Risha, owner of Toltek Services said many people are caught by surprise when things begin to break down during the first three years of ownership. Mr. Risha presents his top three tips to eliminating costly maintenance after the purchase.

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...breakdown maintenance, major repair maintenance, and replacement maintenance can be avoided

First time home buyers are finding remarkable deals on foreclosed homes but need a few tips on how to avoid costs that often accompany uninhabited homes. Dave Risha, President of Toltek Services, LLC suggests the following tips to help home owners avoid the pitfalls that plague home buyers in today’s housing market.

Tip #1: Begin a formal maintenance program immediately. Maintenance was the last thing on the previous tenant’s mind as they were preparing to vacate the home you are in now. The reason the home was foreclosed is because there was not enough money available to make the monthly payments. Understandably, the lack of a maintenance program causes undue wear and tear on the home and the equipment within. By beginning a formal maintenance regiment, owners identify and correct problems before they become expensive replacements.

Tip #2: Document each inspection and finding then follow-up with corrective actions when necessary. Determine if further action is required and then schedule that action if necessary. Home owners who are unsure if further action is needed can monitor a potential problem and see if it gets worse. For example, when cracks in walls are detected, take a picture of the crack and conduct the same inspection a month later and see if the crack grew. If so, corrective maintenance may be needed, if not, continue to monitor the crack during future inspections.

Tip #3: Understand that the “fixer-upper” maintenance often performed by the bank after foreclosure was designed to “sell the home” which often translates to doing the cosmetic things that mask or hide the needs of the home. By implementing a comprehensive home maintenance program, hidden problems are detected and breakdown maintenance, major repair maintenance, and replacement maintenance can be avoided.

Most buyers receive real value through the purchase of foreclosed property. Toltek Services, LLC specializes in helping homeowners extend their value by providing everything needed to implement and conduct comprehensive maintenance programs across the country and around the world.

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